The “I Don’t Want to Do Anything” Week

Chances are, if you’re human, you’ve had a week, or many, where you just don’t want to do anything. You don’t want to get up early to workout out, or you skip the gym after work and go straight home. You don’t want to be mindful of what you eat or how much you eat and it slowly becomes easier and easier to put off tasks and to-do’s that have been waiting for you. Are dishes piling up in your sink? Yeah, you just might be having one of those weeks, too!

I’m Alicia, guest blogging for Krista while she’s exploring South Africa (so jealous)! And I wanted to share with you that my week of the “do nothings” was last week. And it wasn’t pretty.

“Oh, I’ll get that run in tomorrow” I’d tell myself. And then tomorrow would come and I’d convince myself I could get it in the next day. Soon enough, it was Thursday and I had two runs to get in before a long run Sunday, fitting them in somehow between two strength training sessions (and I’d already cancelled one that week)! Oops.

As I lay in bed thinking about how I’ve slacked off and put off the things I needed (and most always want) to do, it became easier for me to succumb to the lazy. But something on my wall caught my eye and I recognized I had two choices. I could choose to continue to do nothing. Or, I could get off my butt and push myself back into my routine that has consistently proven to make me feel happier, and not worse, like being lazy does.

Sometimes we just need little reminders, or a few tricks up our sleeve, to get us to put our game faces on and get back into action. Here are a few things that work for me – maybe they’ll work for you during your next “I don’t want to do anything” week! (And share your own tips/tricks in the comments, too!)

  • Keep a visual reminder of why you do what you do close to your bed, or the place where you tend to get the laziest. I have a race bib hanging up next to my bed with my most recent 5k PR written on it and my next goal time underneath. It’s a daily reminder of why I choose to be a runner, what it means to me and what I get from being a runner. Whatever that motivation is for you, have a reminder close by to keep your it top of mind when you need it.

    The bib right next to my bed  is a daily reminder of why I runand why I should get up and run no matter how lazy I feel. PRs don’t
set themselves!

    The bib right next to my bed is a daily reminder of why I run
    and why I should get up and run no matter how lazy I feel. PRs don’t
    set themselves!

  • Take a class or two, or schedule one. It’s easy to flake on a workout or run when its just yourself, but its harder to flake on a class you’ve signed up for. Use the commitment and social pressures of showing up to class to keep you on track when nothing else seems to work!

  • Ask yourself if something else is going on and work to resolve or acknowledge other life stressors that can cause “I don’t want to do anything” weeks. Sometimes these weeks are masked by underlying or unacknowledged feelings. Take the time to ask yourself if there are other things going on in your head, heart and mind that are really bothering you and keeping you from being your best. Stress, frustration, anxiety… these are typical triggers for me and once I recognize “oh yeah, I am upset about that”, it’s usually enough to move me forward into the “I can do things” mentality again.

  • Make a list of why you do anything and have it handy for weeks like this. Whether its as simple as “I walk the dog because it’s the only way she can use the bathroom and I get some fresh air in the process”, having a list packed with more reasons than you have excuses can be convincing enough to get you back on track.

    This little girl gets me up and going - she depends on me!

    This little girl gets me up and going – she depends on me!

  • Give yourself a break. Maybe you need a rest day or two. Listen to your body. If you need a break to “do nothing” then take it. Be in tune with yourself so you will know the difference between needing to slow down and rest versus a mental funk you need to snap yourself out of.

I hope these tips were helpful! Thanks to Krista for letting me have some time on her blog while she’s away!

– Alicia


The Secret to Living a Healthy Life

While I am gallivanting around South Africa, enjoy this guest post from my good friend Michelle!!


Hi Friends! My name is Michelle and I’m a good friend of Krista’s. I’m here to tell you the magical recipe on how to lose weight, tone up, feel fit, and live an all around healthy life.

Guess what? There is no magic recipe. ::sad trombone::

But that’s good news! We’re all different. We’re designed to be individual, so why would any one eating plan or exercise work for everyone?

I’ve tried it all, ask any of my friends. I went pescatarian (gave up all meat except seafood) for two years, I am now on my third round of Whole30 (aiming to do it quarterly), I’ve done a fruit flush, a 3-day juice cleanse, paleo, etc, etc etc. I could really go on. I’ve tried all sorts of eating plans short of a pill or supplement (they scare me, and I am a true believer that there are no healthy shortcuts) so I’ve come to learn something during all of my “experiments”:

Do what works for you.

During each one of my food adventures, I found that I’d like the programs for the most part, but not in its entirety. I obviously enjoyed being pescatarian because I ate that way for 2 years but I relied too much on grains and legumes to make up for the loss of meat and actually ended up gaining a considerable amount of weight. When I tried paleo after completing Whole30 I found I was getting so caught up in what I could and couldn’t eat. When I did the fruit flush, I realized it was crazy.Michelle Post-pic

In the end, I know that all I need to focus on is eating fresh, whole foods. Sounds simple right? To not stress about rules and think about the greater plan: to live a healthy life. I’ve learned that the best way for me to eat is to just focus on eating whole, fresh foods and to not stress too much about a froyo splurge, a macaron, or a juicy burger with fries.

Eat REAL Food!

Eat REAL Food!

Will my way of eating help someone else? Maybe. Maybe not. You just have to try different things to see what makes you feel good and like your most healthy self.

You could say the same thing about exercise. Between CrossFit, Zumba, running, and all sorts of exercise, there’s a plethora of options out there for people to stay fit. Is there one magic workout that will save us all? No. I hear so many contradicting things: cardio everyday but strength train only 3 days a week, more cardio and no weights, work out in small amounts throughout the day. It goes on and on.

I tried running. I actually used to be addicted to it but in the end it was too hard on my knees and it got boring. For me.

Michelle Post-poleI then discovered fitness through dance. First it was zumba and it was a blast. Dancing yourself silly and dripping in sweat. Then, my now love, pole dancing. I could write a whole post about this itself, but I fell in love with this so much that after 4 years later, it’s become a huge part of my life. In fact, I’ve been teaching for over a year now. I also like to lift weights, which is something I never thought I’d say. But I am focused on toning up and getting lean.

So again: do what works for you.

I know a lot of people think the gym is boring. That’s fine. Get out there and try a new class, go for a bike ride, a run, just walking. Get out there and find what workout you enjoy. Because we all know that if you don’t like the gym, for example, you’re never going to go. Forcing yourself isn’t going to make the experience any more pleasurable. Doing something exciting is what will keep you motivated and help you towards your goals of being fit.

Krista tried CrossFit and now she loves it. I remember her telling me she just wanted to do it twice a week and now she’s going all the time. My friend Chelsea tried zumba and she loved it so much she went through the training to become an instructor. If your workout isn’t making you excited, get out there and try a new class. You might discover your newest addiction.

Want to connect with me? I’m all over the web! You can find me blogging at about everything – life, pole, health, photography, my dog, etc. I’m also on TwitterInstagram, and I design at

Love Your Crummy Run

Hello lovers!  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  Congrats to Louisville and Michigan fans!  I was tortured watched a little basketball with the bf’s fam this weekend (poor guys are ‘Cuse fans) and while I hate basketball with a fiery passion am not a huge fan of basketball, I enjoyed spending time with his family from out of town. And I loved spending time with this fella:


Hamilton- he’s such a cutie!

This is the bf playing with his brothers adorable rescue pitbull Hamilton.  He is such a sweet and cuddly dog, I can’t wait to adopt a pet in the future!

Moving on…the weather this weekend was glorious!  The flowers are starting to bloom and Spring looks like its on its way!



It is finally getting warmer in DC and I took advantage today by going for a run- something I haven’t done as often since starting Crossfit.  Mentally I really really wanted a sweaty hard run after taking a couple of rest days, so I was determined to get one in before it got dark. I think less-than-stellar sleep this weekend plus a bit of delicious food may have contributed to the ugh-must-find-motivation-to-run blah feeling.  But after a motivational pep talk from the roommate, I suited up, put on a good Pandora station, and hit the pavement.

Not a 1/2 mile in and I wanted to give up.  I couldn’t find my running mojo, nothing good was on Pandora and none of the 500+ songs on my iPhone were doing it for me, my hip started to hurt, and I couldn’t keep my mind focused on anything other than my negative thoughts that, ‘this run sucks.’

As soon as I said this, I scolded myself. I was being ridiculous.  I gave myself a mental slap and said- enough!  Embrace it!  It’s gorgeous outside! Feel the warmth of the glorious sunshine, the taste of fresh air, the scent of new flowers and trees in bloom.  It’s sounds kind of cheesy, but as soon as I decided that I would love this run, no matter how crummy I felt, it got better.  And you know what?  I felt better immediately!  I made the distance goal I set for myself, I got a good dose of sunshine and I felt great when I finished a run that almost didn’t happen.  I loved my crummy run!

This week is an exciting one as I am heading to South Africa!  This trip has been a year in the making with one of my best girlfriends.  We are so excited to go on Safari, though I am pretty nervous about the long flights!  Almost 18 hours!  Here’s hoping I don’t panic and can stay in my happy place:

Spoon Love!!

Spoon Love!!

Froyo is definitely my happy place- and the bf always let’s me indulge in my obsession passion for froyo- and the fun colored spoons they let me have!

Happy Marvelous In My Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Any tips for staying occupied on a long flight?  Anyone been to South Africa- did you enjoy it?

Happy Easter!

Just ‘peepin’ in to wish you happy Easter!  I hope you have some fun treats today:


And to remember the other reason to celebrate today (if you celebrate*):

j316Have a great Sunday!



*This is hard to explain, but here goes:I am not very religious, but this is my favorite bible quote that has been the foundation of my *limited* faith upbringing.  My father taught me this and it has been my pillar since I can remember.  Easter is the one holiday that resonates with me and the faith connection I shared with my father.  Hope that made sense!

Finding Comfort Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!  Just wanted to drop in and leave you with one of my favorite quotes from none other than Harry Potter!  Well, the quote itself is from his godfather, but still…oh, you know what I mean 🙂  I love this quote and try to remember it whenever I miss my dad.  HP quote

I seem to forget this all the time.  But my daddy is still here, in my heart, always. And this knowledge brings me comfort.

Have a great Wednesday!  Rock on lovers 🙂

How do you cope or find comfort when missing someone that has passed?

PS- I created that little image with pixlr!  So crafty, huh?

New Chobani and Instant Coffee Finds plus MIMM!

Hello and Happy Marvelous Monday!!

Hope everyone had a safe and fabulous St. Patrick’s Day weekend!  As I wrote in my last post, I had a pretty calm and relaxing weekend.  I’m afraid my crazy green-beer-drinking days are over.  I look forward to evenings spent getting froyo and going to bed early.  I’m so old 🙂

On this Marvelous Monday I wanted to share a few new finds I am just in love with! first, I redesigned my blog header for my current obsession- chalkboard design.  What do you think??

I saw this sign at Marshalls.

cb love

Isn’t it too cute?  I am in love with the fancy chalkboard designs flying around the interweb.  I would love a whole wall all decked out in beautiful chalk designs. And I agree- when in doubt, choose love 🙂

In my budget post I decided I was going to cut back on my almost-daily coffee purchases at work and Starbucks.  On the hunt for a replacement I found these at Target:


They aren’t freshly brewed coffee by any means, but they are pretty good!  I mix in a new and very dairy-free-friendly creamer find that is SOO good!


Sometimes I even add a splash to my quinoa flake ‘oatmeal‘ to make it extra marvelous 🙂

I haven’t purchased any yogurt lately.  During my Whole30 I cute out all dairy and I didn’t really miss it once I was able to reintroduce it.  But this yogurt looked delicious!!

Holy YUM!

Holy YUM!

I think those will be making more appearances in my tummy 🙂

That’s all I have for you on this Marvelous Monday!!  Hope everyone has a marvelous day yourself 🙂

And never forget:

cb 1

Rock on Lovers!  Any good and yummy finds you’d like to share?  Funny weekend stories?  Like my new blog header? 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hello everyone and Happy St Patrick’s Day!  I hope the luck o’ the Irish was with you and everyone have fun celebrating this weekend!  I didn’t really do much of any celebrating this weekend. Unlike years prior, this ecard pretty much sums up why I did not feel like going out this year:

st pat Source

Aside from the normal chores like laundry, I did a little food prep:

Breakfast AND lunches!

Breakfast AND lunches!

I am addicted to my quinoa flake ‘oatmeal’ and spring salad.  So simple and so good!

I went to Crossfit Saturday and had an amazing workout!  Not only was it challenging, but it felt amazing to have my fellow crossfitters cheer each other on and high-fived each other when we finished.  The workout:

AMRAP of 5 3-minute rounds of

  • 3 power cleans
  • 6 push ups
  • 9 airsquats

Seem simple?  3 minutes is a long time repeated 5 times.  I was a sweatastic mess and finished with 17 + 3 rounds!  Scaled, of course.  But one girl helped me saying she was in my newbie position and reassured me I will get stronger soon!  Everyone saying ‘good job’ just really reaffirmed my choice to do crossfit.  There is no better feeling!

Lastly, I also updated my blog header!  What do ya think?

That’s all I have for ya!  I will be posting more awesomeness for MIMM tomorrow 🙂

Rock on Lovers!