A Day in My Life

Hello lovers and Happy Friday!  As you read this I will be boarding a plane headed to Blend Retreat!!  I still can’t believe I won the giveaway and am headed to Park City, Utah to meet some of the most amazing and inspiring bloggers I read on a daily basis.  I am SO incredibly excited and nervous- what if they don’t like me?  What if I don’t make any friends?  I know it sounds silly, but I am super anxious to make a good impression while still being my quirky self.  And of course I hope to learn a lot, network and make a ton of new amazing friends, and enjoy the whole retreat in Park City!


Since today will not be my typical work Friday, I wanted to share with you a day in my life- what I do from breakfast to bedtime.  Especially since I am not able to be online as much to comment on blogs (thanks government job), I thought you’d like to see what I do everyday!  Warning- it’s not very thrilling!

5:47am  Alarm goes off. Annoying intro to DC101 plays. Instantly get out of bed to turn that crap off. (DC area friends you know what I’m talking about).

5:50am Feel like this:

cam diazSource

6:00am  Quickly make something of my super-fine/thin hair.  Try to impress coworkers with makeup skills.

6:06am  Realize I have no makeup skills.  Feel like Jenna Marbles doing the drunk makeup tutorial.  Except I am sober.

jenna marblesSource

End up doing normal makeup routine.

6:15am  Finish the ‘do and face.  Get dressed.

6:17am  Forget deodorant.  Rush to put on.

6:19am  Ensure I have everything packed- badge, lunch, phone, book.

6:20am  Head out to catch metrobus.

6:21am  Realize forgot part of my lunch.  Run back to apartment, snag said item, rush back out to catch bus.

6:25am  Wait for metrobus.  Read Twitter feed.  Check emails.

6:30am  Grumble that metorbus is late.  Again.  If I can be on time every morning, why cant the bus?

6:32am  Board bus.

6:45am  Arrive at bus station.  Catch metro into DC.

6:58am  Arrive at DC metro station.  Contemplate spending exorbitant amounts of money for a bucks coffee.

6:58am  Decide I love foamy caps.  Must have foam.


7:01am  Arrive at bucks.  Order new fav coffee- tall skim cap, dry.

7:03am  Obtain foamy cap.  Enjoy the warmth of the cup in hand and head to the office.

7:04am  Try not to slosh coffee and deflate foamy goodness.

7:07am  Arrive at office.  Bid adieu to my cell (and outside world) for next 4-5 hours.

7:10am  Turn on computers.  Work.

10:00am-ish  Take break.  Eat packed snack.  Wonder if I can squeeze in a nap after work.

10:00-noon-ish  Work.

12noon-ish Take lunch break- but go outside and walk around.  Contemplate making a run for it.  Think better when I remember the student loans I have…


12:45-3:30pm Work some more and finally head home.

3:30pm-4:30pm Commute home via metro and metro bus.

4:30pm-5:30pm Rest, change clothes (if going to Crossfit).

5:30pm-6:30pm Crossfit (or veg on the couch).

7:00pm-8:00pm Shower, eat, prep breakfast/lunch for the next day. Chat with bf.

8:00pm-9:30pm Watch tv, attempt to blog, catch up on other blogs.

9:30pm-10:00pm Get ready for bed.

10:00-10:30pm Stay up late reading twitter/blogs on iPhone. Try to fall asleep.

10:45pm Curse insomnia.

11:15pm Hopefully fall asleep.

ariel bed(I know I just used this, but I love it 🙂 )

Welp, not too exciting, huh?

No worries- tomorrow will be AWESOME!!


I should probably go finish packing…and get to sleep as I have to wake up at 4:00am.  Pray for me.

Have a fabulous Friday and great weekend!!  Can’t wait to share everything from Blend!!


Things my bf thinks are weird

Happy Friday everyone!!  I have a light and silly post for you today to kick off the weekend!

The bf and I got into an interesting conversation about some of my weird quirks.  While he pokes fun at me for them, I know he loves my quirks.  It’s what makes me…me!  So I thought I’d make a silly, funny and quirky post to see if you think our quirks are normal…or according to him- weird!

BF hates to eat anything microwaved. Except popcorn.  Weird.


I sleep with two comforters year round.  And no top sheet (only fitted).  Normal.

ariel bedSource

BF must have AC on in the car all the time.  In the middle of winter, a blizzard, an ice age. Doesn’t matter. Weird.


I eat omelets plain- no salt or pepper, only with jam.  Normal.

I shower at night and get ready for work in the morning in 30 mins flat. Maybe weird.

I HATE celery with a fiery passion. Normal.


Offer me celery? NO.

Bf HATES banana in anything.  But likes a plain banana.  Weird.

Know how you can be ‘bounced’ really high by another on a trampoline?  This freaks me out.  Bf thinks this is weird.  And hilarious.


While he is totally happy for me, Bf doesn’t quite understand this whole blogging deal- and that I am going to a retreat specifically for meeting other bloggers. WEIRD!!

weird britney


I’m sure he thinks there will be lots of pillow fights- because that’s all girls do when we have sleepovers, right?


Silly boys 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!!  I have bachelorette party shenanigans to attend Saturday!!

Question:  What are some of your quirks your significant other thinks are weird?  What do you think they do is weird?