These are a few organizations that are close to my heart.  First off are links to suicide awareness and prevention.  I lost my hero- my father- to suicide in April 2009.  I am a passionate advocate working on my non- 9-5 time to increase awareness and educate everyone the devastating and heart breaking loss a suicide can do to a family.  I completed my Masters in Forensic Psychology in 2010 and am a member of the Virginia Survivor’s Speaker’s Bureau for Suicide Loss and have spoken at the Veteran’s Administration in Washington, DC, the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, as well as Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland and the Department of Justice.  I focus my lectures on my personal journey with suicide loss and valuable information about the warning signs, myths, and resources for suicide prevention.  Interested in ‘hiring’ me for a lecture for your company, military or government agency?  Feel free to email me– I do them for free! You can also contact me for any additional resources or questions you may have about suicide loss.* I really hope to reduce the stigma and educate everyone on this sensitive subject!

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Virginia Department of Health

American Association of Suicidology

The Jed Foundation


I also am a huge supporter of our troops.  They deserve our utmost respect and support for fighting for our freedom and often making the ultimate sacrifice.  Here are some of my favorite links:

Wounded Warrior Project

Real Warriors

 Team Rubicon (military vet with skills you can use?  Check them out!)

Veteran Service Initiative


One of my good friends and fellow sorority sister A started a blog to Break the Silence and raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer- and Im participating in a 5k May 12 to help support the cause!  Check out her blog at Whispering Crowns.  They are amazing 🙂
* I am not a mental health professional.  I only speak on my personal loss with suicide.  If you feel you are in a crisis, you can call a toll free line 24/7 anonymously for help- 1-800-273-TALK (8255)


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