Hi! My name is Krista and am a tiny (read: just over 5 feet tall!) fitness lover and overall health addict! I after spending months stalking reading and getting amazing inspiration from fellow fitness bloggers, I’m joining with a tiny little space in the blog world!

My fitness journey began my sophomore year in college 2005 (whew, feels so long ago!).  I was never overweight growing up thanks to playing soccer and swimming for my neighborhood’s swim team.  Enter the freedom of college and the dreaded freshman 15  (more like 20).  Around the middle of my sophomore year I saw some not-so-flattering photos of myself and knew I had to make a change.  I switched sodas for water and the occasional juice, started eating more fruits and veggies, and picked only healthy items for snacks and lunches while on campus. I lived at home and commuted all four years to class so didn’t have access to a gym whenever I wanted- but we did have a treadmill and some weights in our basement.  While I knew healthy eating played a part in weight loss, I knew I had to exercise regularly to really see a difference. I started off slow with some walking and jogging on the treadmill a few times a week and worked my way up to running and eventually lifting weights. Come graduation in 2007 and my first job I was pretty fit- I lost all the weight I put on in college and then some.  My self-esteem improved and I felt great about my body and how amazing it felt to have this new healthy lifestyle.

During this time my then-military-boyfriend deployed – just a couple months before my dad was diagnosed with cancer.  The combination of both really took a toll on my health.  I was stressed daily about the safety of the bf as well as the well-being and lifespan of my dad.  I had no desire to eat and found escape through exercise- and dropped a lot of weight.  Not long after the bf’s return we broke up, adding to another stressor to my health.  While I enjoyed my lowest weight during this insanely-stressful time, my family and friends voiced their concerns about my health, including the negative impact the ex had on my health and how I was so focused on others’ well-being that I neglected my own.  I got a grasp on my eating and working out habits, began to talk a lot with my family and friends about my fears and anxiety and how best to cope.  With their love and support I was able to cope a bit better and got back on track with a healthy eating and exercise regimen.

Then my dad took his own life.

As you can imagine my world stopped.  My heart was ripped open and torn to pieces by this sudden and traumatic loss. During the first year following his death I gained and lost weight like a yo-yo, still working out and trying to eat healthy – focusing on anything but the grief I knew I had to face-but never having a true, firm grasp on how to live life without my best friend, my hero, my daddy.

Although my father’s death has shaken me to my core, in the past year I have finally come to a good place.  I forgave him many months ago. My grief now is mainly coping with this enormous void in my life- not being able to see or speak with him whenever I want, share my life’s adventures and accomplishments, and all that he has missed (obtaining my Master’s degree, new job, new car) and missing all of my future- my wedding, children, first house, etc. 

I have the most amazing mother who also lost her best friend and soul mate that year.  She has no idea the impact her courage has had on my grief recovery, and I aspire to have her strength and wisdom every day.  I also have the most amazing friends who have stood by me and supported me, and most importantly, have stuck by my side even through this tragedy and treat me like the same person I was before.  They are my rock, without whom I would certainly not be where I am today.

This brings you to now.  Throughout the years, before and after my dad’s passing, I have had a negative view of my body and weight.  Insensitive and harsh comments from the ex didn’t help, nor did my constantly comparing myself to others and trying to live up to society’s perception of ‘beauty.’  Now that I am in a good place I find I am more accepting of my body and am learning every day to appreciate the awesome machine that it is.

This blog is meant as an outlet, a resource, an entertaining read, a rambling journal, if you will, of my desire to quench my thirst for more out of life!  I hope you enjoy my random posts on life, love, music, grief, volunteering, and my passion for staying fit while being travel-sized 🙂 And of course, my crazy healthy recipes!  Rock on lovers!


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  1. I don’t know you, but you seem to be such a strong woman to over come all that you have! You are so inspirational. If you can bring balance to your mind and body with everything you’ve been through, surely I can too. Thank you. x

  2. GOD! I’m just knowing about you trough another lovely blogger (Lindsay) and I cried when I read your story..My dad didn’t take his life but like yours, his unexpected death took a toll on me and my health suffered a lot!!..the yo-yo diet/weight, my well being, my constant comparing myself to other and more are oh! so familiar to me!!!…and then until one of my aunts told me, I didn’t even see I was killing my mom as she saw my auto destructive behavior…I was so involved in my own pain and distress I didn’t realize I was hurting this absolutely wonderful woman who also had to step and being mother/father after loosing his loving husband/friend…I found the strength in her and my two younger brothers who, for the first time in their lives and that young age, faced the loss of their father…as all of the sudden, I realized I wasn’t settling a good example for them either..I admire your courage and wish you nothing but the best in life because you are so deserving of it!!!..For sure, I will find myself always reading this beautiful journal of yours!!!

    • Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! I am so sorry for your loss. Any unexpected death of a close loved one hurts beyond words can describe, and finding the courage like you did to recongize your behavior before it got worse it amazing! You should be so proud of how far you’ve come and know you, too, deserve everything you desire in life! I’m sure your father is proud of all you’ve accomplished, and your family finds you inspiring as well 🙂 Always remember to take care of your self and your family!

  3. Thank you!! for such an inspirational story..for opening to something that is not often discuss/talk about, because hey! this is not the happiest thing to talk about but it’s a fact in life and once in a while makes you feel better to relate to someone who did deal with it just like you and know exactly how you felt at some point in life…and to overcome a loss it’s not easy at all!..because oh Lord, it’s sooo hard to let go… and it takes time to heal, to forgive because you never forget, to go on with your life when sometimes it feels like it just stopped…but here we are, stronger and hopefully wiser…I’m sure your family is very much proud of you too!! :-)…you might be tiny in size but you have and HUGE heart!!! and I think you are perfect just the size you are…take care of yourself too, your mom and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, the bad, the ugly, the good and everything in between..so far I’m enjoying it!

    • ooops!!!..correction: you have a HUGE heart!! sorry for the grammar mistake 😦 I’m hispanic and need to work in my writing…

  4. I found you through VA Bloggers.com and as usual I always click the about me page first since I’m a blog stalker….anyways I just wanted to let you know your story brought tears to my eyes. I lost a boyfriend about 2 years ago and have not been able to post publicly about his death. Your strength to own your pain and speak about it are absolutely amazing. You have shows your strength (you’ve got a lot) and how far you have come through your grief. Girl you are inspirational! Keep up the posts…you have a new bloggy follower here that’s for sure!!!

    • Wow, thank you so much, you are too kind! You are so strong yourself, more than you’ll ever know- dont ever forget that! Grief is never easy, so if you ever need to chat feel free to email me 🙂

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  6. Life is full of journeys- hills and valleys, sparkling days and grays with thunder, winds, pain. We are here to withstand, to learn, to grow. I know that sounds harsh, but the sadness does make us stronger and forgiveness is so essential to growth. I am so proud of you that you have weathered a terrible storm and that you are reaching out and sharing that journey with others so they can learn about courage.

    • Thank you! I have always said that without suffering there can be no compassion. It is hard when it happens to ‘you’ though. I hope by sprinkling my grief experience in my blog posts I can decrease the stigma around mental illness and suicide

  7. I enjoyed reading your story…I have also lost two ppl (brother, boyfriend) to suicide and can agree with you on a lot of levels regarding such a tragic and hard to understand event. Take care and continue to inspire those around you and your readers! I look forward to reading your blog! 🙂

  8. I’m sure your words are helping people right now. Shedding tears for those we’ve loved and lost affirms their value in the world. Your dad was very valuable but he is only a whisper away. I tell my grown children that when some deceased loved one comes to mind with no hint of the ‘why’ of it, speak out loud because that soul is very close. Suddenly you find yourself smiling with comfort.

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