I saw this post on Tina, Julie and Chelsey‘s blog, so I just had to join in!


Current Book(s): I just finished reading ‘Someday My Prince Will Come’ by Jerramy Fine.  It’s supposedly a memoir, and it definitely has some funny parts, but it’s a bit boring and really dragged on.  I felt like I kept waiting for something to happen. I guess I have too high expectations after finishing the Matched

Current Music: Anything country.  Loving Brantley Gilbert after hearing him live at the Tim McGraw concert last weekend!

tim mcgrawCurrent Guilty Pleasure: Kind Granola.  I guess it isn’t that guilty as it’s packed with awesome ingredients.  But eating it multiple times a day makes that guilty- but to be honest, I am not guilty 🙂

Blog Photos May 2013 001Current Nail Color: Nude…as in au natural. I just took off a light pink color (above) after it chipped a lot Sunday.  You’d think I had been folding laundry with sandpaper or something.

Current Drink: Iced coffee with half n half.  I have been having this every morning for over a week now.  It’s replacing my foamy cap addiction now that it’s getting warmer outside.  I can’t drink something hot when it’s hot!  (But I can have oatmeal?  Oh the weird quirks I have).

Current Food: Salad with chickpeas, veggies, and my homemade carrot ginger dressing.  Every time I go to a sushi restaurant I have to order their house salad to see how their ginger dressing compares to my fav places.  This dressing, while a bit different, is SO flipping good- spicy and sweet, it is perfect for a summer lunchtime salad!  I also have been LOVING my repeat dinners of late:

egg crepeEgg white ‘crepe’ with greek yogurt filling.  #strangebutgood

Current Favorite Show: I am not currently watching any series… though I watched ‘The Following’ religiously.  I also like the Millionaire Matchmaker. The only ‘new’ shows I watch are House Hunters- specifically, House Hunters International. Makes me want to move to another country every time!  Otherwise, I watch random food shows on Food Network, reruns of Sex and the City, and movies on my free HBO.

Current Wish List: Ice cream maker.  I want to make my own greek froyo.  I also want a vita mix.  And I want these flat sandals from Aldo so bad.

flat sandalI almost bought them at the store in the mall, but the clerk was helping someone else and I didn’t have the patience to wait.

Current needs: See above. No, I actually need new running shoes.  I try to get a new pair every year and now is the time!  I also need new walking shoes for my commute to work, but I’ll prob just keep using my old running shoes once I purchase new ones.

Current Indulgence: Starbucks coffee.  I did a post about saving money and I fell off the instant-coffee bandwagon.  I love coffee made for me. I know I know, the shame!!

p shameCurrent Blessing: My family, my health, my friends that have stuck with me no matter what, and my job.

Current Outfit: Typing this up at work, I am wearing my sneakers (hey, no one sees me and I’ll change into big girl shoes when I have meetings), fitted black slacks and a nude/pink long seeve fitted sweater with black trimmed collar (which matched my nude/pink lined blazer).

Current Excitement: Going to VA Beach with Michelle next weekend!

michelle and IShe had mentioned needing to get away for a bit, so we decided to hit our favorite low-key spot down there.  We actually found our accommodations on airbnb!  I am soo excited for a mini girls weekend away!!

Happy Thursday Lovers!!

Question: What are you- Currently reading?  Currently wanting/needing?  Current guilty pleasure?


9 thoughts on “Currently…

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  2. Country is my current music too! Loving it all 🙂 and I am currently wearing compression socks under my dress pants at work. Feels like I’m hiding something lol

  3. I love KIND granola! Have you tried the coconut cluster flavor? It’s my current favorite, however I’m also a loyal Udi’s girl. I’ll have to pick up a back of the blueberry next – haven’t tried it yet!

    I’m so jealous that you got to attend the Tim McGraw concert! I saw him in Boston in 2006, and it was one of the most memorable concerts of my life (Faith Hill performed, too!).

    Hmm…I’m currently needing a mani/pedi (every one of my nails is chipped – feet and fingers!), a jar of peanut butter (just finished mine tonight), and a ticket to Hawaii. 😉

    Have an amaaaazing time in Virginia Beach this weekend, girl! Sounds like so much fun! xoxo

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