What I learned at Blend- Recap!

Holy Moly, Happy Friday everyone!!  I am back from a mini blog hiatus/vacation jetlag.  I have a bunch of posts lined up but wanted to start off Friday with a bit more on things I learned at Blend Retreat! Get ready for a picture heavy post!!

I learned:

Swag bags rock.

Lugging said swag bag plus weekend bag uphill, after 5 hour flight-from-hell + hour drive home at midnight, still reeling from GPP bootcamp workouts, do not.

Niel from GPP Fit

Niel from GPP Fit

GPP bootcamp workouts will leave you walking like a crippled old lady. Seriously, I was sore for DAYS!

Things that come in mini size, wrapped with ribbon, or in mason jars are adorable.

Blend Retreat 2013 093

Mini Blue Print Cleanse Green Juice…yuck, not my cup of, uh, green juice.

Blend Retreat 2013 076

Veggie packed mason jars.

Blend Retreat 2013 150

Snagged mason jar Chobani oatmeal for the plane ride.

I want to live in the mountains.  With this view.

Blend Retreat 2013 143Chobani has THE BEST reps.  Seriously, they were so incredibly friendly and amazing.

Blends and Chobani Gals

Blends and Chobani Gals- Source

They also have THE BEST yogurt.  And cater THE BEST breakfast.  Ever.  Period.

Blend Retreat 2013 137

Chobani smoothies, fruit, oatmeal and pancakes!

Blend Retreat 2013 138

Chobani bites! Flips! Awesomeness!

Best spread ever

Best spread ever

If I cant live in Park City, then I want to vacation at this hotel every year.

Blend Retreat 2013 098Blend ladies are amazing.  Meeting them in person- kind of surreal.

Blend Retreat 2013 088 Blend Retreat 2013 084 Blend Retreat 2013 080 Blend Retreat 2013 134 Blend Retreat 2013 110 Blend Retreat 2013 140Hemp hearts changed my life.  Blog Photos May 2013 022

No, Vega changed my life.  Blog Photos May 2013 023

Wait, Chobani‘s sponsored breakfast spread Sunday changed my life. (see above photos 🙂 )

Muesli Fusion (cough and it’s owner cough) are flipping amazing.

Blend Retreat 2013 089


Blend Retreat 2013 090 Blend Retreat 2013 094Lastly, I learned that I must go self-hosted on my blog.  It’s time to get legit. Too legit to…Sorry, had to go there 🙂

Oh, and a 5 hour (middle seat) flight with screaming children, broken reading light, impossibly long wait for bathroom with multiple people cutting in front of me, aisle neighbor’s spouse yelling to her spouse right next to her while I am sleeping, and crazy turbulence make for the worst flight ever.  Ok, so this wasn’t at blend but damnnnn was it the worst flight I have ever had!

That about does it!  I plan to do more recaps soon (to include the last South Africa recap and Mexico vacation!) This weekend is jammed packed- happy hours with the bf’s friends in DC, brunch, farmers market and shopping with momma, and I am hopefully going to see Star Trek!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!  I plan to be back Monday with a marvelous post 🙂


21 thoughts on “What I learned at Blend- Recap!

  1. Good to meet you at Blend!! I didn’t know you were heading to South America after Blend?? Is that what I’m getting from this post?? Since you are a world traveler I definitely think I should take you with on my first (yes first) trip out of the country! 😉 Also I hate planes in the first place so that sounds like a nightmare flight!!

    haha Muesli Fusion guy… *sigh*

    • Great to meet you! Yup! I actually went to Mexico (Playa del Carmen) with my bf last Tuesday after blend! I am totally up for going with you to Australia!

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