Things my bf thinks are weird

Happy Friday everyone!!  I have a light and silly post for you today to kick off the weekend!

The bf and I got into an interesting conversation about some of my weird quirks.  While he pokes fun at me for them, I know he loves my quirks.  It’s what makes me…me!  So I thought I’d make a silly, funny and quirky post to see if you think our quirks are normal…or according to him- weird!

BF hates to eat anything microwaved. Except popcorn.  Weird.


I sleep with two comforters year round.  And no top sheet (only fitted).  Normal.

ariel bedSource

BF must have AC on in the car all the time.  In the middle of winter, a blizzard, an ice age. Doesn’t matter. Weird.


I eat omelets plain- no salt or pepper, only with jam.  Normal.

I shower at night and get ready for work in the morning in 30 mins flat. Maybe weird.

I HATE celery with a fiery passion. Normal.


Offer me celery? NO.

Bf HATES banana in anything.  But likes a plain banana.  Weird.

Know how you can be ‘bounced’ really high by another on a trampoline?  This freaks me out.  Bf thinks this is weird.  And hilarious.


While he is totally happy for me, Bf doesn’t quite understand this whole blogging deal- and that I am going to a retreat specifically for meeting other bloggers. WEIRD!!

weird britney


I’m sure he thinks there will be lots of pillow fights- because that’s all girls do when we have sleepovers, right?


Silly boys 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!!  I have bachelorette party shenanigans to attend Saturday!!

Question:  What are some of your quirks your significant other thinks are weird?  What do you think they do is weird?


4 thoughts on “Things my bf thinks are weird

  1. My boyfriend is always hot and I wouldn’t put it past him to use the AC in the winter. One of my quirks? I dont like to finish things off, like a container of peanut butter…I just never want to completely run out and thus I have lots of stuff with only a little bit of product in them lol.

  2. We must all be dating polar bears, my man uses the AC all the time. He even had the gas (provider of heat in his house) turned off a month ago because he doesn’t like the heat. Weird-ooooooooo! My shenanigans: Though I pass my gas station all the time, I usually have about 1-5 miles remaining before my car dies, like EVERY cycle. It’s so ridiculously lazy.
    Have fun at bachelorette things this weekend!!

    • Polar bears- love it! I totally wait to fill up, too! I mean, the price could drop a few cents tomorrow…or the next day…the needle isn’t totally past the E yet… 🙂

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