Pin it Partaaay!

Hiya lovers!  Today is a special day- Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean is hosting a Pin it Party!  It’s such a great idea and way for highlight our favorite posts, increase blog exposure, and spread the pin love! I have five posts I would love to see pinned more in Pinterest, and I plan to pin some of the amazing stuff other bloggers have linked up.

Here are my top five posts!! Enjoy and don’t forget to check out other amazing bloggers- and join the party!! Thanks Lindsay for such a great idea 🙂 Happy Pinning!!

Quinoa blueberry and oat muffins

muffin pm

These are made with quinoa flakes, oats, and frozen blueberries.  I also have a cinnamon recipe for these muffins on the link, too!  The muffins make a great breakfast or midday snack!

Pumpkin chocolate chip quinoa cookies

quinoa cookie2

These cookies are also made with quinoa flakes and have an added protein kick with protein powder.  Even better? They’re grain and gluten free! A perfect healthy treat!

How to choose your Crossfit Box

choose box

When I decided to join Crossfit, I had a few choices in which box (Crossfit term for gym) I could go to. After a workout one day I got to chatting with other members about how they chose our box.  This post has great information on what to consider when choosing your Crossfit box.

Home Circuit and Homemade BBQ Sauce

At home circuit Pic

No gym?  No prob!  You can do this circuit workout in your living room while watching your favorite evening show! I won’t lie-it is intense! Especially going into the third round, I was a sweaty mess!  Bonus- there is an easy homemade BBQ sauce recipe on the post!

True Gratitude trapeze tg

I think this is something we can all relate to- remembering to be grateful for all we have in life, especially when times are tough.  A long-held belief of mine is that without suffering there can be no compassion.  I feel that without true gratitude there can be no contentment.

Hope you enjoyed my post for the Pin it Party!  See more on Lindsay‘s blog!


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