Why I Love Running

Hi Tiny n Fit readers! Karen over at Runner Girl Eats here! I was so pumped when Krista reached out recently about doing a guest post about whatever topic I want. My first instinct was to do a whole post about how insanely jealous I am that Krista is currently on my dream vacation in South Africa. But no one likes a Debbie Downer. I then thought maybe I should write about how badly I am craving a red velvet cupcake right now (and always). But that just made me want the cupcake more. So instead I decided to write about running.

Lately I have been having some pretty craptastic runs where I am slow, can’t breathe (thanks, pollen!) and/or my stomach decides to ruin my life mid run. In the past, this would drive me crazy and make me want to give up running and go back to my former gym routine that included 10 minutes on the elliptical followed by 20 minutes of drinking a smoothie in the lobby. But even these bad runs are leaving me with a big, goofy smile on my face. Why the change? Because I finally realized why I run. It is not my job. I do not need to qualify for the Olympics. I do not need to break world records. I run because I just love it.  I love…

that I can do it anywhere. Vacation, outside, treadmill, beach, road, you name it. All I need is a pair of sneakers. Well, and a sports bra. Let’s be real here.

the clothes. Yes, this is a legit reason. Running shorts are the best thing ever invented. I would like underwear sewn into all of my clothing.

races. How can you not get pumped when you are surrounded by 100’s (or thousands!) of people that love to do the same thing you love to do? And the post race treats can be pretty tasty.

New Picture (1)

In case you were wondering, red velvet cookies and Gatorade are a match made in heaven

‘me’ time. For X amount of time I am left alone with my thoughts, some good tunes and my pounding heart beat. No phone calls, no laundry, no annoying co-workers.

sweating. If I am working out, I need to be sweating to feel like I am accomplishing anything. Running guarantees that drenched shirt I crave.

that you get what you give. The harder I work, the faster I run. Nothing is better than making a new PR and knowing all those hard runs paid off.

the endorphins. Ok, this one I REALLY love. I can start a run in the worst mood and by the end I’m riding a unicorn across a rainbow. And this high can last all freakin’ day.

New Picture

how it changed my body image. Sure running helps things jiggle less but that’s not what I am talking about. Running has changed what I see in the mirror. I don’t see a few dimples on the back of my thighs (even though those dang things are still there), I see strong legs that carry me through life.

So who cares if I have to take walk breaks lately? I am out there and I am loving it. Obviously I am anxiously awaiting the glory runs to return. But for now I am taking time to enjoy the view.

New Picture (2)

What do you love about running? (or any workout activity, really)

Back to that cupcake, what is your favorite cupcake flavor?

I think we all know my answer to this one.


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