Happy Travel Day plus Travel Workouts!

Hello and happy travel Thursday!!  I am SO SO excited I am flying out to SOUTH AFRICA today!


I am equally as nervous, too.  I haven’t been sleeping much the past few days for fear of the flight, the length of it (17 hours! Eep!), plus work stuff I had to take care of prior to leaving.  But I am pumped, (almost) all packed, and ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience my friend and I have been planning for over a year!!

One of my best friends and the BEST travel companion!!

One of my best friends and the BEST travel companion!! Us in Monte Carlo last year! (told ya I was short 🙂

I wanted to do a bit of a mixed post today- what I have been LOVING and some travel workouts I can do during my down time from safariing 🙂  <—no red squiggle?  safariing is a word!!)



I don’t really love Starbucks coffee- I feel it always tastes kind of burnt- but I LOVE foam from a cappuccino!  This was my best foamy one yet!  I asked for as much foam as he could fill the cup- and he delivered!  It was 3/4 foam and fantastic!  I happily ‘ate’ my coffee at my desk – perfect start to my last day at work!



Whenever I see/hear about a new froyo place, I have to try it.  I mean, this inner demon screams inside my head “MUST GET FROYO!!”  So I stopped at Lava Yogurt for a quick pick me up. In the mix- vanilla, cappuccino, and pistachio! It definitely hit the spot and tamed the froyo beast…for now 🙂 Wonder if they have froyo in South Africa?!



This was an impulse purchase at Trader Joes.  What a find!  DARK chocolate with cookie dough filling??  Yowza it was awesome!



I made Tina’s cheesy brussels sprouts and chicken recipe, but used grilled chicken instead of sausage and added broccoli and asparagus.  It was mighty tasty, even if the bf yelled about not liking brussels like a 2 year old the whole time 🙂

Switching gears- I always try to get in a couple workouts while on vacation, and I really really wanted to attend a WOD at Crossfit Urban Shack in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Unfortunately, the timing won’t work, so I have a few Crossfit inspired travel WODs I plan to do!

travel wod 3 travel wod 2 travel wod 1

Hope I have the energy for this one! 70 Burpees is no joke!

Hope I have the energy for this one! 70 Burpees is no joke!

All of these are courtesy of fellow Crossfit lover Tina at Carrot’s n Cake.  All these WODs can be done in the hotel room or outside- I hope I can do some burpees with the Zebras!!

At home circuit PicThis one I created over the winter months when it was too cold to run outside- and before my Crossfit addiction 🙂  It is killer!  I also plan to get in a run or two if time permits!

Welp, I am off to finish some last minute travel panicking packing! Stayed tuned next week- I have some guest posts from Michelle, Karen, Alex and Alicia planned for you that you won’t want to miss!!  Thank you ladies for guest posting while I am away!

Have a fabulous weekend and next week everyone!  I will drop in to say hi if I can get signal near the elephants 🙂

Rock on Lovers!  What are some of your favorite at-home/travel workouts?  Any exciting trips coming up? 


6 thoughts on “Happy Travel Day plus Travel Workouts!

  1. Oh, girl!!! I am SO excited for you to go to South Africa! I was there when I was 15 and absolutely loved it! Are you flying into Cape Town? It was by far my favorite city in the country; be sure to go to the top of Table Mountain (I’m sure you will), and visit Robben Island. I also loved hiking out to Cape Point (so beautiful!), and visiting the winery at Groot Constantia (<—try to go there!!!). Outside of the Cape Town area, I loved Kruger Park (the animals and scenery are absolutely stunning!), and Port Elizabeth. I'll be living vicariously through your recap posts!

    Have a BLAST, my dear! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures! xoxoxo

    • Our trip was actually to a lodge right outside Kruger National Park- and the main location for our trip! So we flew into J-burg. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to go anywhere else during this trip- apparently we were crazy Yanks because our fellow Australian lodge guests all had extended vacas- to Cape Town, Vic Falls, Kenya, etc. They have longer vaca times- I need to move to Australia!

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