Love Your Crummy Run

Hello lovers!  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  Congrats to Louisville and Michigan fans!  I was tortured watched a little basketball with the bf’s fam this weekend (poor guys are ‘Cuse fans) and while I hate basketball with a fiery passion am not a huge fan of basketball, I enjoyed spending time with his family from out of town. And I loved spending time with this fella:


Hamilton- he’s such a cutie!

This is the bf playing with his brothers adorable rescue pitbull Hamilton.  He is such a sweet and cuddly dog, I can’t wait to adopt a pet in the future!

Moving on…the weather this weekend was glorious!  The flowers are starting to bloom and Spring looks like its on its way!



It is finally getting warmer in DC and I took advantage today by going for a run- something I haven’t done as often since starting Crossfit.  Mentally I really really wanted a sweaty hard run after taking a couple of rest days, so I was determined to get one in before it got dark. I think less-than-stellar sleep this weekend plus a bit of delicious food may have contributed to the ugh-must-find-motivation-to-run blah feeling.  But after a motivational pep talk from the roommate, I suited up, put on a good Pandora station, and hit the pavement.

Not a 1/2 mile in and I wanted to give up.  I couldn’t find my running mojo, nothing good was on Pandora and none of the 500+ songs on my iPhone were doing it for me, my hip started to hurt, and I couldn’t keep my mind focused on anything other than my negative thoughts that, ‘this run sucks.’

As soon as I said this, I scolded myself. I was being ridiculous.  I gave myself a mental slap and said- enough!  Embrace it!  It’s gorgeous outside! Feel the warmth of the glorious sunshine, the taste of fresh air, the scent of new flowers and trees in bloom.  It’s sounds kind of cheesy, but as soon as I decided that I would love this run, no matter how crummy I felt, it got better.  And you know what?  I felt better immediately!  I made the distance goal I set for myself, I got a good dose of sunshine and I felt great when I finished a run that almost didn’t happen.  I loved my crummy run!

This week is an exciting one as I am heading to South Africa!  This trip has been a year in the making with one of my best girlfriends.  We are so excited to go on Safari, though I am pretty nervous about the long flights!  Almost 18 hours!  Here’s hoping I don’t panic and can stay in my happy place:

Spoon Love!!

Spoon Love!!

Froyo is definitely my happy place- and the bf always let’s me indulge in my obsession passion for froyo- and the fun colored spoons they let me have!

Happy Marvelous In My Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Any tips for staying occupied on a long flight?  Anyone been to South Africa- did you enjoy it?


11 thoughts on “Love Your Crummy Run

  1. OMG how awesome!! South Africa, what an awesome trip you will have and a trip you will never forget! I hope you have a safe flight and hope the flight goes fast, I know that can be a pain with the long flight as you said. Just focus on how awesome of a time you are going to have once there!!

    I am coming to DC this weekend! Will the cherry blossoms still be pretty then? I hope so!!

    • Thanks, I am so excited! And cherry blossoms should still be in bloom by this weekend! The cold we’ve had the past few weeks has stalled their original peak date, and some Cherry Blossom 10k-ers said they haven’t peaked yet as of yesterday! Have fun in DC, wish I was in town to say hello!

  2. I am soooo jealous! South Africa is on my bucket list. I do the same thing during bad runs. The more I focus on the positives the better the run gets 🙂

  3. South Africa.. wow that’s incredible! Enjoy your time, and don’t worry about the long flight. It will be over before you know it. You’ll have plenty of movies on the plane to watch.

  4. I feel the same way about watching basketball (and really most sports!) haha. Oh well, at least hanging out with friends and family is fun! Loving the warm weather too. I went for a run yesterday and it was so nice to be outside and not freezing!

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