New Chobani and Instant Coffee Finds plus MIMM!

Hello and Happy Marvelous Monday!!

Hope everyone had a safe and fabulous St. Patrick’s Day weekend!  As I wrote in my last post, I had a pretty calm and relaxing weekend.  I’m afraid my crazy green-beer-drinking days are over.  I look forward to evenings spent getting froyo and going to bed early.  I’m so old 🙂

On this Marvelous Monday I wanted to share a few new finds I am just in love with! first, I redesigned my blog header for my current obsession- chalkboard design.  What do you think??

I saw this sign at Marshalls.

cb love

Isn’t it too cute?  I am in love with the fancy chalkboard designs flying around the interweb.  I would love a whole wall all decked out in beautiful chalk designs. And I agree- when in doubt, choose love 🙂

In my budget post I decided I was going to cut back on my almost-daily coffee purchases at work and Starbucks.  On the hunt for a replacement I found these at Target:


They aren’t freshly brewed coffee by any means, but they are pretty good!  I mix in a new and very dairy-free-friendly creamer find that is SOO good!


Sometimes I even add a splash to my quinoa flake ‘oatmeal‘ to make it extra marvelous 🙂

I haven’t purchased any yogurt lately.  During my Whole30 I cute out all dairy and I didn’t really miss it once I was able to reintroduce it.  But this yogurt looked delicious!!

Holy YUM!

Holy YUM!

I think those will be making more appearances in my tummy 🙂

That’s all I have for you on this Marvelous Monday!!  Hope everyone has a marvelous day yourself 🙂

And never forget:

cb 1

Rock on Lovers!  Any good and yummy finds you’d like to share?  Funny weekend stories?  Like my new blog header? 🙂


7 thoughts on “New Chobani and Instant Coffee Finds plus MIMM!

  1. I’m not a coffee girl, but I’m glad you’re finding a cheaper and still tasty alternative! I cut down on going to eat to help with my budget. And I love chalk board designs too! Have a great Monday!

  2. Is that a Chobani made from almond milk? I really hope it is. I’m struggling to find almond milk yogurt that tastes good! There’s so few options!

    Love the new header. Super cute.

    I am old and don’t drink green beer anymore, but I 100% love it. When to a sports bar with friends, watched basketball and people watched. It was a ton of fun, even though I’m “old” 🙂

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