Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hello everyone and Happy St Patrick’s Day!  I hope the luck o’ the Irish was with you and everyone have fun celebrating this weekend!  I didn’t really do much of any celebrating this weekend. Unlike years prior, this ecard pretty much sums up why I did not feel like going out this year:

st pat Source

Aside from the normal chores like laundry, I did a little food prep:

Breakfast AND lunches!

Breakfast AND lunches!

I am addicted to my quinoa flake ‘oatmeal’ and spring salad.  So simple and so good!

I went to Crossfit Saturday and had an amazing workout!  Not only was it challenging, but it felt amazing to have my fellow crossfitters cheer each other on and high-fived each other when we finished.  The workout:

AMRAP of 5 3-minute rounds of

  • 3 power cleans
  • 6 push ups
  • 9 airsquats

Seem simple?  3 minutes is a long time repeated 5 times.  I was a sweatastic mess and finished with 17 + 3 rounds!  Scaled, of course.  But one girl helped me saying she was in my newbie position and reassured me I will get stronger soon!  Everyone saying ‘good job’ just really reaffirmed my choice to do crossfit.  There is no better feeling!

Lastly, I also updated my blog header!  What do ya think?

That’s all I have for ya!  I will be posting more awesomeness for MIMM tomorrow 🙂

Rock on Lovers!


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