Fresh new salad idea for Spring!

This past weekend I did a grocery trip to Whole Paycheck.  I love love that store so much, even if it is a big money suck.  They always have fun samples of new items to try, friendly staff, and great healthy and unique food selections.  I always leave spending way more than I wanted but leaving with some great stuff!

Saturday I had one of the best samples I have ever had here.  It was a simple spinach salad with the best dressing I have ever tasted. I even went back for seconds…is that a Whole Foods Sample no-no?  Dont care, I had no shame like Abu here:

abuLooking at the ingredients next to the mixing bowl I recreated this amazing salad as soon as I got home with my empty bank account bounty.  It is ridiculously simple but tastes so amazing you wont believe how easy it is!

Crazy Simple Parmesan Lime Spinach Salad


  • Baby spinach
  • Good Olive Oil
  • Fresh-from-the-round Parmesano Reggiano Cheese (no green lidded tubes!)
  • Freshly cracked S&P
  • Fresh lime juice

Method: Add your greens to a bowl and gently drizzle a little olive oil over your spinach.  Next squeeze a lime wedge all over.  Add some grated Parm Reg and crack some S&P.  Gently toss and devour!

Seriously I was blown away by this flavor combo.  Parm and Lime may sound weird but definitely try it- it is so fresh and bright and perfect for Spring!  Liven up your work lunch salad!

And check it out- you can get your very own WHEEL of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese for only $930!!

Rock on Lovers 🙂

What’s your favorite salad dressing?  How about cheese?


4 thoughts on “Fresh new salad idea for Spring!

  1. Yum! Your parmesan lime spinach salad sounds fantastic (and zesty!)! Simply dressed salads are my favorite; usually I toss spinach and arugula with olive oil (or truffle oil if I’m feeling fancy), a splash of balsamic (or lemon juice) a dash of parmesan, and call it good. The flavors pair well with almost anything, and it can be jazzed up with fruit, nuts etc.

    Whole Foods owns my heart, soul, and wallet. I’m there at least 4 times/week (no joke–some of the staff knows me!), and I always snag second and third samples. When you’re investing that much time and money into a company, I think it’s completely justified. 😉

    Hope you’re having a great week, Krista! Let’s meet up sometime! ❤

    • Thanks for getting on (and justifying!) the multiple-sample bandwagon with me! I agree- you get most of my paycheck, I get one additional sample 🙂 Aside from your current state, I hope you’re having a great week as well! I am definitely down for a meet up! Do I see a froyo trip in our future?

  2. Sounds yummy! As a former cream-sauce dressing fan (ranch, blue cheese, etc), I’m amazed at how much I love a simple olive oil + salt + whatever seasonings as dressing. 21 Season Salute is the best at that, and I’ve also used the olive oil dip with fresh herbs from Carabba’s as a dressing. So simple but full of flavor!

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