Random Saturday

Hey folks!  It’s been a while since I posted.  As always, life has been busy, especially at work.  Since I don’t feel like spending much time on the computer (as I spend most of my days at work on one), today’s post will be random thoughts and rambles.

Two of my coworkers are out so I am doing the work of three people for an entire section.  So far it isn’t bad, but I have had to stay late some days and I can definitely feel the stress and anxiety creeping in.


Crossfit has been going really well.  I am learning a lot and went to not one but TWO real WOD classes- Friday night and this morning. Craziness!  Both had their pros and cons- Friday doing muscle ups on the rings I felt ridiculous.  we hadn’t learned them in class and I had a hard time doing even the scaled progression.  And today’s WOD I definitely could have added weight to the bar doing back squats.  But like a couple Twitter and real friends have said that it’s ok to start slow and work my way up.  Plus, I didn’t want to get hurt while I am still a Crossfit noob.  Ha ha, noob.  Anyone else think that word is funny?

See?  Random.

My Valentine’s day was fantastic.  I never particularly cared about it, but M was very into it.  Starting out as I headed to work he sent the cutest text 🙂



See that early time?  Ugh, the things I do for a paycheck.

The day was long and crappy, but I also got the sweetest email from M of a bunch of his favorite memories of us together.  After a crappy and LONG commute, I arrived at M’s to not one but TWO bouquets of my favorite flowers.

flowersStar Gazers and red roses.  Star Gazers smell amazing!After a great dinner he cooked for me, M prepared dessert:

fondueFondue!! It was amazing!!

He is such a keeper and I am so so lucky to have him 🙂

Look what I found at Moms Organic Market today!!

suncupYUM!!  My two fav things together- sunbutter and dark chocolate!!

Nothing else really to report…other than I am SO excited to go country line dancing with a bunch of my girlfriends tonight.  Cant wait!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Rock on Lovers 🙂

Question: How do you handle work stress/anxiety?  And/or…Share your randomness!!






2 thoughts on “Random Saturday

  1. Girl, you are doing one of the things I try and do to manage work stress: avoid the computer outside of work! It’s hard when you want to blog, but sometimes you just have to connect. My job is connected to the internet 24/7, so taking a break is sometimes my only brain break. I do everything I can to keep my job between work hours, and after those hours, do whatever I can to drop thoughts of work and leave it at work. It’s so so so hard to do, but it has helped.

    Working out helps, too. So stick to the CrossFit – sweating helps manage the stress a whole heck of a lot!

    • It IS hard to shut off the ‘work’ brain once the day is over. But you’re right, I must try to keep work at work! And keep up the exercise 🙂 maybe add in some meditation too!

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