How I Chose My Crossfit Box

Hello and happy Mardi Gras!

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Ok, I don’t really care about Mardi Gras.  Like, at all.  So…Happy Tuesday!!

Moving on!

My Crossfit elements classmates and I were chatting last night about different boxes we tried before deciding on ours.  Each had their own reasons; money for one, class times for another.  For me it was a few things, but like how I applied to college (applied to only two-crazy right?), I only tried two different boxes’ intro class, even though there are about 5 boxes within driving distance (albeit the other 3 are a bit further).  Here is what was important to me when choosing a box, and some things to consider if you’re looking to join a crossfit gym, too:

choose box

  • Price: I know Crossfit is expensive, but I did not want to spend more than $200 a month.  Luckily I have a LEO/Government discount which helps. (ps, most boxes have LEO, military, firefighter discount -just ask!)
  • Location: I wanted a box that was easy to get to right after work.  No more than 5 miles or 10 min drive with rush hour traffic.  I don’t want to waste any more time after a long day of work and commuting- I want to get right to my workout!
  • Classes: I want a variety of times I can attend class.  This includes weekend classes.  Also, many boxes have special Oly (Olympic lifting) classes as well as yoga classes that are included in your membership.  Mine has both- sweet!
  • Vibe: I wanted a non-judgmental, down to earth vibe.  I had heard horror stories about super big egos of members at some boxes where they speak ‘crossfit’ and throw their crazy, intimidating crossfit wisdom in your face. I wanted to feel welcomed regardless of my skill level and wanted that in-this-together-feeling, accountability, and motivation from my fellow classmates!
  • Music: While I love a variety of music, rock music are my favorite to listen to while I work out.  My current box played some Alice in Chains during my intro class.  I was hooked!

Your turn!  What’s important to you when looking for a new gym?
Rock on lovers 🙂


9 thoughts on “How I Chose My Crossfit Box

  1. I didn’t know cross fit gyms were called boxes? I’m such a newb at all this crossfit stuff. Are you loving it? I’m nervous about the expense and the potential judgement. I’m considering it though…

  2. Honestly I think money is the only reason I haven’t tried Crossfit yet. It looks like a great workout though. Hopefully I can find a discount intro class one day 🙂

  3. I live in Des Moines IA and don’t have one super close (20 minute drive). I have only tried one for 4 months and stopped going because I didn’t jive right with the rest of the close knit group. Considering going to another to try it out but I don’t think I can tell if I would jive with one class ya know? Especially now since I feel a little jaded from my first experience. Aside from not jiving I did love the workouts and felt like a total BA after every one!

    • I totally understand! Most boxes have different membership levels- from unlimited times a month to just 9x/month. You could to the least frequent option and see if you get the right vibe? Just a thought! Yay for Being a total BA!

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