Crossfit Elements #1 Recap and Why I Workout

Hiya happy Tuesday! How are you all doing? I am fantastic!! I am a bit sore this morning but it hurts so good!


As you may have read in yesterday’s post I was pretty nervous for my first of 8 Crossfit Elements classes. All new Crossfit members must take this ‘fundamentals course’ to learn the proper movements for exercises, Olympic lifts, etc. The first class was pretty easy compared to the intro class. The instructor chatted for most of the class about the what and why of Crossfit. After a quick warm-up, we then learned the proper way to do pushups, pull-ups, squats, sit-ups, and burpees- all with scalable, modified options to work your way up to the full, hard version of the exercise. We completed the fist class with a small WOD- a mini ‘Cindy.’

Mini Cindy:
AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
5 pull-ups
10 pushups
15 air squats

I completed 7 rounds + 5 pull-ups. I used a green band for the pull-ups (not sure what that equates to?) and did pushups on my knees. Most of the pull-up bar space was taken by other members and newbies, so I got stuck with a taller bar- so this shortie had to jump on a super high box to reach it and needed help looping the band on my foot a couple times. I think I could’ve done at least 1-2 more rounds had I not had a hard time pulling the band under my foot for the pull-ups. But I didn’t want to overdo it and completely wear myself out for class  tomorrow either. Like our instructor Aviv said- check your ego at the door!


After class wrapped up I briefly chatted with Aviv about my previous torn rotator cuff injury. He said some movements like the clean and jerk may need to be modified, but to tell the coach beforehand of any class of the injury and definitely not push through anything that feels iffy or painful.

I was so excited I did pull-ups for the first time in ages I called my mom. I think my dad would’ve been more open to this discussion as my mom was completely un-phased by my excitement. She placated me a bit before mumbling something about not seeing the reason behind why I workout. I told her exactly what Aviv told us-When I am old and in a nursing home I want to be able to get up and use the bathroom without assistance! I want to make sure I keep my one and only body in this life healthy and able to do anything I want in 60+ years!

This got me thinking of other reasons why I workout and keep healthy:

  • To be a strong woman for myself and my family
  • To feel amazing and accomplished
  • To help ward off anything I am genetically predisposed to (cancer in several forms, high blood pressure, etc).

Even though I know my mom didn’t mean to ask me in a condescending manner, I was a bit miffed.  Odd workout words aside, my mom was proud and excited at the end of the conversation.  And today when she wasn’t particularly happy with a sarcastic response, she replied, “Oh go do some crosstraining or something.”  Moms.

Bright side? My new shoes rocked!!


Ninja Shoes!

That’s all I have for ya today!  I am so excited for class again tomorrow night!  I hope its a tough one 🙂

Rock on Lovers:)

ps- Quick pet peeve rant.  At my job we have an instant messenger (to stalk people/IM like in high school/get angry when someone doesn’t instantly reply and therefore think we’re slacking off).  Well a coworker IM’d me to ask for help.  We are not on each others’ frequent contact list so he had to look me up…and the dude still typed out Krystal when my name is clearly labeled Krista.  I would even let Kristan slide since my official name at work is Krista N.  Grumble.  Ok I’m done 🙂

Question: Ever tried Crossfit?  Why do you work out? Pet Peeve??

pps- Looking for people to do a guest post while I am away with the bf this weekend!  Email if you’re interested!


11 thoughts on “Crossfit Elements #1 Recap and Why I Workout

  1. This sounds so awesome, I wanna do Crossfit! I workout to feel good and to have more energy and strength. I like the idea of warding off any predisposed health issues too. I have a similar pet peeve. Everyone always spells my name incorrectly and they pronounce it wrong too! Ugh.

  2. So glad you posted a follow up to your CrossFit workout! I was dying to know how it went! I love how they took the time to breakdown the correct form of the moves so you don’t injure yourself…brilliant! I need to do it :).

  3. people spelling my name wrong used to be a pet peeve but now I’m just immune to it. People always just think I spelled it wrong or that their class roster is wrong *le sigh*

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