Stress Follow Up

First off, thank you for support on my decision to end the Whole30. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to take care of yourself when you are down.  I appreciate all your kind words so much!  You guys rocks 🙂 (ps check out my blog roll, its been updated! Currently updating recipe page, too!)

I wanted to do a follow up on that post but focus more on stress and how that effects so much more than we realize.  Even though I ended my Whole30, I still admire others for continuing their efforts to eliminate allergies and find what works best for their body.  I never had allergies or adverse effects from certain foods (sugar, gluten, dairy, etc), but I felt I did gain an advantage by cutting these things out.  I don’t crave sweets or carb-rich things as much and I listen better to my body’s hunger cues.  I also still read and very much respect so many things Dallas and Melissa at Whole 9 Life write about.  This post is especially interesting – explaining the lies we tell ourselves about living a ‘healthy’ lifestyle. I pinned like crazy for to motivate myself when I joined pinterest and saw these fitspo images:

I convinced myself everything these images said was true- people use ‘obsessed’ for people that are dedicated. Rest days are for lazy people. No excuses. Discipline. Hard work. It was a vicious cycle I lived in for a long time.

But you know what?  None of this obsessing and ‘hard work’ did much to change my physique or my mental health. It was only when I severely restricted and worked out for hours did I see ‘results.’ But it was not something I could maintain. It was a huge stress on my body and mind. What I thought was a healthy dedication to living a healthy lifestyle was just a form of stress that I became addicted to. Yes, the stress was addictive. I was not ‘addicted to chia seeds, greek yogurt, and PB2’ or ‘addicted to running x miles’ or ‘addicted to the worked-out-till-I-wanted-to-pass-out feeling.’  Like Hartwig says, “People now mistake stress for purpose, hence its addictive nature.”  This stress addiction became my purpose.

Along this healthy journey I feel I have lost my initial purpose for wanting to stay healthy. I always told people it was to help ward off a multitude of genetic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and depression.  But it morphed into an obsession with trying to get skinny.

I rationalized all my food restricting and over-exercising by saying I was dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

I would still like to gain more strength and change my physique, but in a healthy manner. This means real food, less-to-no processed foods, exercise that I want to do and plenty of rest.  I also plan to keep stretching, doing yoga, and meditation techniques (mainly for sleep).  All of these I hope will help keep stress at bay and help me find balance.

With that I would like to announce that (drum roll please!) I signed up for Crossfit elements classes starting in February!  I am so excited for a new challenge!  This box is super close to my house and has yoga twice a week!  I can’t wait to start!

Question: Do you ever feel like you’ve been stuck doing something unhealthy? How did you cope?

Rock on lovers 🙂


8 thoughts on “Stress Follow Up

  1. I feel the same way about fitness. Up until about a year ago I stopped looking at exercise as a punishment for eating crap but as a way to strengthen myself inside and out. Also, eating crap was making me feel like crap…hence I lowered my crap intake. Hooray for you, no more exercise induced stress! and I’m so jealous of your crossfit classes!

    • Yay Thanks! I’m so excited/nervous for Crossfit! Go us for finding our exercise mojo 🙂 (ps my comments aren’t working on your page, I’ve left multiple but nothing shows? darn technology!)

      • You’re going to be awesome! and that’s sad about your comments….maybe they’ll start working eventually 😦 in the meantime I’ll just pretend 😉

        ps….since we live so close we need to get dinner some night!

  2. I’ve def lost sight about why I started working out before. But good job realizing it and doing what makes you happy 🙂 Crossfit should be a great new challenge!

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