2nd issue of Friday Favorites!

Hi there and happy Friday!  Hope everyone’s week has been better than mine!  As I briefly mentioned in this morning’s post I will explain in detail why this week was so rough later.  Today I am taking the standpoint that I will fake it till I make it.  I spiced up my work outfit today and curled the locks to look especially cute.  Though since I don’t get much human interaction in my lowly cube I‘m sure no one will even notice at work 😦 I feel good (or faking I do) and that’s all that matters.


Doom and gloom aside- now it’s time for my Friday favorites!!

Favorite techie stuff:

MapmyRun iphone app.  I love this- it’s a simple app where I can map a route online for the distance I want to go and the neighborhood (some streets I prefer to run then others).  I can also just run and it will keep track of the route I went on.  Also every mile it will tell you distance reached and your pace.  I’m trying to run outside more (I feel I go farther and harder than a treadmill) and this app is great.

Pepperplate– I haven’t used this much but it’s a neat concept.  It’s a meal planning website where you can add your own recipes, create shopping lists and meal plan like a pro!

PQ headphones by Sony.

Best headphones EVER

Best headphones EVER

I have loved these ever since I found these a couple years ago.  I hate when my headphones fall out of my ears when I sweat- which happens when on a run in your teeny apartment gym with no working AC in August and 4 other sweaty people are working out.  Anyway, these stay in my ears the entire time- they clip to the bottom of your ear instead of the top- I’ve ttied those and they fall off since I sweat there, too.  Give these a try- I cant recommend them enough!

Favorite Foodie Stuff:

Thanks to Running with Spoons I discovered my new fav tea from Harney and Sons.  I love this tea.  So warming, spicy and comforting.

Katie had this whip cream dispenser on her blog.  Since dairy isn’t really my friend anymore I can’t tell you how much I miss whipped cream!  I’ve been consuming a lot more coconut milk and I can put the ‘hardened’ coconut milk from the fridge in this gadget. I totally want this!!

ALT Larabar- I saw this on Sarah’s blog  and I have to find it!!  This bar has the normal clean ingredients of a Larabar with added protein made from peas!  I’ve got to get my hands on one!

Jessica Simpson.


My guilty pleasure.  I just love her.  Don’t judge me.

What are some of your favorites this week?

Have a great weekend!  Rock on lovers 🙂





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