Friday Favorites- 1st ever!

Woo happy Friday!!  We made it!  We survived a whole week back to work after the new year. Whew!

In continuing with my 2013 goals and my desire to be a better, more consistent blogger, I will attempt to join others in a post I think I can keep up with. Unfortunately because I no longer have access to my iPhone at my job to photograph of all my eats, my initial desire to join Jen’s WIAW posts will not work. Don’t fret blogosphere! I have favorites I would LOVE to share with everyone! And I’m pretty sure I can do this every week  🙂

Favorite Techie Stuff:

Relax app – In addition to being a very light sleeper, I always seem to have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I currently use a white noise sound machine to provide background noise to help me sleep.

appThis app is a kind of guided meditation/relaxation app that helps me fall asleep. No lie, three separate times I was asleep before the session finished. That is amazing for this gal!

Twice – I found this link through Julie‘s blog. You send your gently used brand name clothes and they send you cash for what they take! They also donate the clothes you don’t want.

Favorites for New Years Goals:

Carlyn from Just Keep Sweating posted this to her blog and I think it’s a great idea to save money this year!  A fantastic visual on how your money grows so quickly!

Fit bolt  – A website for the 9-5ers that have a desk job where you can install an app on your desktop where an alarm will sound every so often reminding you to stretch! Or you can choose exercise reminders you can do in your cube, too!

Get rid of stuff  – A site from Oprah where you can find locations by state where you can recycle old electronics, clothes, etc.  Great resource to kick off the new year de-cluttered and organized!

Speaking of Organizing- Holy crap Jen (and her site) is awesome:

Favorite blogs:

The Lean Green Bean – I am currently a sponsor on her blog for the month of January!  She always has fantastic posts- recipes, workouts, and links to great websites, articles and blogs for so many things!

Julie Go Lean  – I have been stalking following Julie’s crossfit journey and can’t wait until I can start fundamentals myself in February!

The Classy Bee – Bethany is adorable and is in the DC area, too!  It’s always great to connect with local bloggers! She has been posting some great blog tutorials that I will be utilizing!
Favorite Randomness:
Old Navy workout clothes– I am not cool enough like some lucky bloggers, but through them I saw Old Navy was having an athletic gear sale. I got some awesome tops and capris and already used them for my first outside run of this year!

Love it!

Love it!

Thumbholes FTW

Thumbholes FTW

Maranatha Sunflower Butter – I love me some Sunflower Seed Butter.  ADDICTED.

Let’s Do Organic coconut flakes – I eat these with everything, by itself, roasted. Delish.

Double yolks.



If you follow me on Instragram or Twitter, you saw my yolk photo. While making dinner last night I cracked two eggs- and BOTH had double yolks.  what are the odds?  Some said its good luck, some said its an omen.  I’ll take the luck 🙂

Moroccan oil  – My bf bought me this for Christmas and I LOVE it.  I’m part of the night showerer cult (to maximize morning sleep time!) and this helps my split ends while I sleep with damp hair. Even though it is oil, its never oily the next day I promise.  It makes my hair so soft, and smells good, too!

Momma’s house is for sale! moms house

For those in the middle Virginia area, please share with anyone looking for a new home in the Orange, VA area!  My momma has bought a new home closer to her grandkids and needs to sell this place ASAP!  Thank you so much!

What are some of your favorites?

Rock on Lovers!! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Friday Favorites- 1st ever!

  1. I’m a huge fan of the Moroccan oil too! I’m convinced it helps. I love the 52 week saving challenge you posted. We’re a couple weeks in but I think I should start up! Definitely good luck with the double yolks! Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Okay a. love the thumbholes in the new zip up…gimmie! b. thank you so much for the shoutout c. I used to work for the government and remember the days of not having my cell phone, it’s the worst. I just started in the private sector and am constantly catching myself thinking “oh great I brought my cell in again…better go report it” lol

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