Magical Healing (and Paleo!) Soup!

Well 2013 has been off to a rough start for quite a few of us.  My bf and I both caught a cold/flu from visiting his family over New Years, and my poor roommate suffered the dreaded tummy flu at the same time.  Since we all have been feeling so miserable I decided to make a recipe I learned from my Hungarian momma who always instinctively knew when anyone in our family started to get sick would make this soup.  It is ridiculously simple to make and will make any ailing family member feel better!  I don’t know what is it about any chicken or turkey soup, but this soup is very flavorful and so comforting you may end up making it all winter long!

Since Michelle and I have embarked on our second Whole30 I knew I had to tweak the recipe a bit to make it compliant.  The end result?  A soup that tastes exactly like my mommas soup!  I don’t miss the overly-sodium-packed bullion cubes one bit! Since this is a family trademarked recipe I want you to please use it with love 🙂

Mommas Magical-Healing Turkey Soup


  • 5-8 whole carrots, peeled and roughly chopped
  • 1 sweet potato, roughly chopped*
  • 1 small whole onion, whole, outer layer peeled
  • 1 small cabbage, chopped and quartered
  • Approximately 3/4 box of organic low sodium chicken stock**
  • 1 large turkey leg or wing (my grocery only had wing, as long as you have bone-in pieces for flavor either wing or leg is fine)
  • 3-5 turkey breast cutlets (I used 3 but you can add more since they’re small)
  • 1-2 tea infusers filled with whole black peppercorns (I couldn’t find my second so just added loose peppercorns- just be careful not to bite on them!)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Love 🙂


Add water about 2/3rds full to a super large stock pot.  Add turkey pieces, 1/4 of the chicken stock box, the peppercorn-filled tea infusers and a bit of salt to the pot and bring to a boil.  Once water is boiling, add onion and cabbage and turn to a low-medium simmer until turkey is done cooking.  Once the turkey and cabbage are done cooking (cabbage will be going translucent and start to break apart), add your carrots and potatoes and more chicken stock (don’t overfill the pot!).  Add more salt to taste.  Love is added during the whole process 🙂  Once the carrots and potatoes are done, ladle into your favorite soup bowl and enjoy!***

Let the healing begin!

Let the healing begin!

*The normal recipe calls for red potatoes, which can certainly be used instead of sweet potatoes.  I didn’t think the sweet potato thing through- sweet potatoes get super soft when boiled and pretty much fell apart in the soup, but it was still tasty!

**Since this is paleo/whole30 I wanted to add bullion flavor without the sodium, so I found a great chicken stock without added sugar or carageenan. If you’re making this non-paleo, add 2-4 bullion cubes in the beginning with the turkey pieces.

***My momma would make egg noddles to add, but again- this is paleo.  If you want to keep it paleo, add some pre-made spaghetti squash for ‘noodles’!  Otherwise add whatever noodles you’d like!


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