2013 Bucket List

Happy 2013 everyone!  How was your New Years?  Have you started (or stopped already?? :P) your resolutions yet? My New Years was pretty tame considering the past three years I’ve gone out with my girlfriends and did the big to-do in Washington DC.  We bought expensive tickets, spent nights in hotel rooms and got all gussied up.  This year I spent the weekend with the bf’s family who flew in from across the country. It was a great weekend aside from being a bit grumpy and bf (and most of his fam) were sick.  I loved spending time with his sister and her kids as well as his warm and witty grandparents.  I don’t have an extended family (like, at all) so I feel so blessed to have been welcomed this past month visiting his family.  This got me thinking of all the wonderful things I was able to do this year:

I traveled on an amazing cruise with S to the Mediterranean.

That would be the Roman colosseum

That would be the Roman colosseum

Met my bf.

Date 4 or 5! DC101 Chili Cook off!

Date 4 or 5! DC101 Chili Cook off!

Ran 2 5ks- the Ovarian Cancer and Color Run!

Yeah Buddy

Yeah Buddy



Spent more time with my family.

Dinner for my nephews bday

Dinner for my nephews bday

Went to Vegas with my besties.

Vegas night out!

Vegas night out!

Got a new position at my agency.


Carved pumpkins.

Mines in the middle

Mine’s in the middle

Cut down my first real Xmas tree.

Me bf and his niece

Me, the bf and his niece

And finally….I attended my first Crossfit class at Crossfit South Arlington (and loved it 🙂 )


2012 was a really great year and I cannot wait to see what 2013 holds.  I want to do even more amazing things.  I know putting them in writing will help me keep these goals so here is what I got in mind!

  • Completed in the fall- no pumpkin patch or apple picking, but did carve pumpkins.
  • Go to a couple amusement parks.
  • Travel. I am going to South Africa in April with S and I would love to go somewhere nice with the bf.
  • See play at Lincoln theater.
  • Run a (nother) 5k.
  • Take niece/nephew somewhere for the day.
  • Try 3 new restaurants.
  • Find some kind of hobby.
  • Start a memory jar.
  • Volunteer more.
  • Spend even more time with family.
  • Meditate/stress less (on my way! downloaded an app for guided meditation!)
  • Lose weight and get toned…
  • And on that note- join crossfit!!

This is a lot, but I have a whole year to do it!  What are some of your goals for 2013?

Rock on lovers 🙂


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