Firsts survey!

Hello there blog readers and happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I spent the weekend in Ocean City Maryland to see my niece and nephew kick butt in their cheer competition!  I am such a proud auntie- they both won 1st place in their divisions!!

Today I wanted to keep it simple and start off December with a survey!  I saw this on Julie’s blog but also saw it on a few others.  I can’t resist a survey!

1.First thing you did when you woke up this morning?
–Thought about the weird dreams I had, then rolled out of bed (literally)

2. First kiss you ever had?
–Late middle school at the skating rink, which was the place to be.  After some innocent flirting the boy I was ‘going out with’ asked, ‘That’s it?’ when I left him at the table to go skate. I daringly made the first move and kissed him.

3. First time you were really scared in life?
–The first time I remember being really scare was when I was little- probably around 6 or 7 years old – at family vacation at Disneyworld.  I was happily watching a parade at the Magic Kingdom with my dad who was videotaping it.

Anyone remember this monster thing??

Anyone remember this monster thing??

Sometime in the middle of the parade I had moved a bit closer to the street so I could see. At some point I turned around and couldn’t find my dad in the crowd and I panicked and started to get really upset, frantically looking around.  I started to cry but my dad found me- and said he knew where I was the whole time (since he was taller he could see where I was).  It became a joke for years that he lost me at Disneyworld.

4. First car?

–A trusty Toyota camry- dads hand-me-down.  I loved it!  I’m on my third camry and 4th Toyota!  (don’t get me started on my driving record and why I’m on my fourth vehicle in just over 10 years of driving…)
5. First time you really knew you were in love?
–I feel the past couple of long term bf’s each had their own ‘level’ or ‘degree’ of love, relative to the next guy I date.  The first love I had I call puppy love now, but it was a guy I dated in HS.  It was a very tumultuous relationship but I felt I was in love with him.  I had a couple more loves, but nothing like the ‘in love’ that I am in now. While others I may have felt in love, but in the end they weren’t healthy relationships or what I consider now to be real, unconditional love.  Any relationship that makes you feel insecure or ends up making yourself sick
to stay thin to please your partners verbal abuse is not love.  This time with the bf, I feel its right. I have never felt more secure, beautiful, loved or happy in my life. A true first and I can’t wait to see where it goes!
6.First food you think of when you think of “YUM!”?

Michelle's layover macaron she shared with me! Photo courtesy

Michelle’s layover macaron she shared with me! Photo courtesy

Thanks Michelle.

7. First person you call every day or most days?
–Usually my coworker Stephanie.  If we don’t chat on work IM I see her.  Its sad I talk to her more than my mom, but I do try to talk to my mom every day, too.

8. First fitness favorite on your list if you had to choose what it was today?
–Interval workouts that include weights.  I did a kick butt biggest loser dvd workout that included bouts of cardio with bursts of strength training.  I feel like I get my best calorie burn and sweat session and I always feel great when I bust my butt!

9. First friend you really made through blogging and have met?

–Unfortunately my work and social schedule don’t allow me to do the requisite blog posting and commenting that I would like to do, so I have yet to meet anyone yet.  I would love to meet Nourish and Flourish – she seems so sweet and I always want to try the restaurants she visits in the city I work in!, Julie Go Lean – she is such a funny woman! I love her wit!, and Carrots N Cake – I love her workouts and recipes. I hope to get the courage and try Crossfit!

10. First thing you are thankful for every single day?
–That I have a great job that allows me to live near the nations capital and afford nice things and vacations,  that I still have my mom and family close, and for friends and bf- all of whom are my rock and mean more to me than they would ever know!

What are some firsts for you??  I cannot wait to visit the bf’s family in upstate NY next week- I get to help pick out a real Christmas tree for their home! Ive never had a real one- always artificial (hey, they come pre-lit and don’t shed!).  I’m so excited!!

Rock on lovers 🙂


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