Thanksgiving Craftiness!

Hello there!  How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?  I hope everyone got to enjoy some fantastic food and great times with your loves ones!  I had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday filled with hectic baking, one first fight, amazing favorite foods, lots of laughs, holiday decorations, one horrible movie, hours of backbreaking pod-storage unloading, and countless memories made 🙂

Now you read in the title about craftiness.  Me? Craftiness? Who am I? Well this year after looking at zillions of blogs and crafty pinterest pins I decided I wanted the first Thanksgiving at my mom and sisters house (and first Thanksgiving with my bf!) to be special.  So I decided to be super crafty!  Check out everything I accomplished in only a couple weeks time!

Bunting flag!!

Table setting

Name tags!


Everyone loved the decorations!  And check out the pies that initiated the first fight between the bf and me- home made crust vs store bought.  I am the baker of the relationship and insisted on store bought for ease, while bf  wanted to make home made crust- when only having done it once years before.  A quick fight led to a sweet apologies on both sides and we made up quickly 🙂

First Fight Pies 🙂

After stuffing our faces and requisite post-turkey nap, we spent the evening watching the Skins kick Cowboy butt!

The day after Thanksgiving M helped my mom and I put up our Christmas trees and decorations.  It was such a special evening sharing it with my two of my favorite people.  I can honestly say this is the happiest I have been in years.

M helping decorate the tree 🙂

Post-decoration exhaustion

That’s it!  Hope everyone has a great week!!  And I wont forget to recap the Vegas girls trip I had a couple weeks ago!!

Vegas night out!



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