Gorgeous October Wedding and a Workout!

Hello there and happy Tuesday evening!  How is everyone doing post-Sandy?  I must say I had expected and planned for the worst when Hurricane Sandy was predicted to hit the DC metro area Monday into Tuesday.  I mean they closed the Federal Government for two days (woohoo!), I expected worse.  But thankfully we were spared any major issues and the power stayed on through crazy strong gusts of wind and rain.  While we got away easy, I want to send my thoughts and prayers to those in NJ and NY and all along the eastern shore and New England who weren’t so lucky.

On to the good stuff!  The past couple of weeks I have been really working hard at my running intervals on the treadmill.  I have been steadily increasing the length of my interval times as well as the entire running time.  Either the treadmill is lying or I am getting better!!  At the end of each treadmill sprint workout with one of these body weight exercises (in some cases I’d add weights, like with lunges or squats).  It rocked!!  This one is from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.

Expect lots of sweat!

I did this the day of the wedding I attended for my bestie C!  I was actually one of two day-of coordinators that helped ensure the wedding went without a hitch.  And it did!  The weather was perfect, the bride was gorgeous (as was her dress, it was amazing!), and I was so glad to help.  Even after the time I was supposed to end my duties I stepped up and helped some more- with the DJ, with caterers, and with the wedding party to ensure their entrance to the reception happened smoothly!  I am so happy for C and her groom D!  Congrats you two!!

Ready for the vows!

The kiss!

My handsome date 🙂

The candy bar I help set up!

Me and the lovely bride!!

Sisters 🙂

Kiss 🙂

My fav photo 🙂

Hope everyone made it through Sandy safely!  Have a fantastic night and Happy Halloween!

Rock on Lovers 🙂








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