Whole 30 Challenge

Hello lovers!  How goes it??  Yet another month has FLOWN by with limited posts on my end.  As always, the last thing I want to do when I get home from working on a computer all day is, well, work on a computer again!  I have so many ideas and thoughts for posts that I even write out full posts by hand when I have free time…but sadly my hand writing is atrocious so the posts never make it on here 😦

Anyway, I have a new challenge I began today with Michelle. Michelle and I have both been feeling a bit squishier than we’d like and are both sick of food consuming our thoughts, crazy unhealthy cravings, and just a general blah feeling following us 24/7. So I decided to challenge us both to something BIG.  Enter the Whole 30 Challenge.

I actually read about this a few months ago but couldn’t commit.  Well, I am non-committal NO MORE.

For 30 days we will be following this program designed to ‘reset’ our bodies to eliminate cravings, bad habits, and hopefully feel refreshed and rebooted!!  I for one hope to reset my unhealthy relationship with food as the program suggests it may accomplish.  So here’s the skinny (some pun intended, but really my main goal is to reboot my system): we will basically be following a paleo-like diet for 30 days.  What does this mean??

No refined carbs, no sugar (no honey, stevia, etc either), no dairy.

Only whole, clean, unprocessed natural and organic foods- meat, eggs, tons of veggies, fruit, limited nuts/seeds.

Woah.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous.  But you know what?  I need this.  I am sick of craving things my body doesn’t need and ends up hating me after eating it.  I am not one to turn down a challenge, and if it promises to help my unhealthy habits and better my relationship with food (with maybe a couple lbs dropped in the end??) I am on this train to health town.

Yes I said train to health town.

I am ready to get to a healthy mindset and way of eating that won’t consume my thoughts with guilt and shame.  I want to love my body and food again.  So, Whole 30 Challenge, I welcome you with your struggles and mood swings that will most likely happen with no sugar (no dark chocolate or froyo for this gal…what the what??!!).




Rock on Lovers 🙂

PS- a little fall photo fun from a recent trip with the man to upstate NY.  Man do I love this time of year!!

Love the red!

Letchworth State Park

Gorgeous tree at man’s mom’s farmhouse


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