Alive yet again!

Hello hello!!  Been MIA again recently.  Job stress plus family stress plus friend-getting-married-plans plus new man plus concerts plus my birthday celebration leaves me no time to post!  Well, after working all day on computers the last thing I want to do when I get home (and after my workout) is to be on the computer writing a post.  So this one is a photo-heavy recap.

Let’s see- bachelorette fun first!  We went to a couple winery tours and ended the fun day with froyo!!


team froyo


What else happened..of yeah, my birthday!!  I missed out on the sign up for the Color Run but thankfully my awesome friend M let meknow one of her friends coundlt make it- so she transferred her registration to me and BAM- Color Run on my birthday!!  It was SO much fun!!

the merch

look at all the people!!

color party after the run

wearing the tiara for my bday 🙂

After the run I spent time with the man making sushi and watching the Redskins win!

his were better

You’re all caught up!  Fitness-wise I’ve been slacking.   All the life stress has left me with no desire to put all my effort into my workouts and I can definitely tell.  I took a little time off to regain focus and stop comparing myself to others- and others’ eating plans or fitness routines and am trying to get back into what has always worked for me.  That is healthy eating and more running.  Wish me luck on yet another attempt to find focus and balance in my life!


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