Vaca recap, new treadmill workout and new goals!

Evening and happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Last week I was on a fantastic vacation with the bf.  We left Saturday and returned to NY for his family reunion. I was surprised and touched he asked me to go with him as he mentioned he’s never brought a girl to meet his extended family. I had an absolute blast being welcomed by his warm and loving extended family!  I actually don’t have any extended family and certainly never had any reunions, so this really was a treat for me!  I don’t think he quite knows just how much this meant to me.  I have always been a bit envious of people with large families, so this was such an honor and, of course, such an amazingly fun treat for me to be included!  Not to toot my own horn, but his family loved me, his stepdad separately mentioning (away from the bf and his mother) that his mother loves me!  🙂 It’s nice to hear I am approved!!  Now it’s his turn to meet my mom!!

Silly boys 🙂

Here’s hoping he doesn’t do that to her 🙂

A few exciting things occurred last week I wanted to capture in bullet form (so this post isn’t too long!)

  • I got to witness M’s  sisters’ bf ask dads permission for her hand in marriage!
  • During a reunion game bf’s stepmom had for all the cousins, I was duck taped to a tree to see how long one could stay up with just tape! And I won!
  • I almost drowned the bf’s fam while driving a pontoon boat.  Not really, I just tipped it into the wake and got water on board.  I had a momentary panic attack thinking I would actually tip the boat.  Needless to say I wasn’t allowed to drive anymore 🙂
  • Went to VA marine aquarium and got to touch sting rays! Last time I did this I was much younger and I was with my dad- one of my fav memories with him that I’m glad I got to share with M.
  • Introduced M to king crab legs- he is now a fellow devoted crab leg fan!
  • Took old timey photos with bf- on his request! I never did it before and it was a blast!
  • Bf and I didn’t kill each other on any of the driving portions of the trip (one day we drove from upstate NY all the way to VA beach- almost 12 hours!) If anything, we enjoyed the time alone together!
  • M told me some super sappy things I’d love to share, but will keep and treasure for myself 🙂

That about recaps a very fun and relaxing weekend! Oh, and I saw Linkin Park in concert Saturday night with my bestie S!!  It was a beautiful night and the band rocked!!

Linkin Park rocked!!

Now as the latter half of the post title suggests, I have a new treadmill/weight workout for you as well as an update on my goals. I definitely indulged a bit last week (I cant turn down secret family recipe pistachio cake!!), and unfortunately I definitely can feel the effects of the indulgences and skipped workouts (though M and I did hit Gold’s once on our trip).  Both M and I have decided to really go balls to the wall with our fitness and diet and decided to have a challenge for each other.  I suggested we make a goal to workout at least 4x a week for at least 30 mins and the one who doesn’t make it buys the other dinner.  we actually agreed to this a few weeks ago, but he unfortunately hurt his knee pretty bad playing softball, so I’ve been lax about his end of the bargain.  Yesterday he suggested we tell each other our eats at the end of the day.  I like this- I am accountable to someone and I think the mini shame factor ‘hey babe, I ate oatmeal, a chicken salad…50 oreos, half a loaf of banana bread and a whole pint of ice cream,’ will help me to stick to healthy choices and not over snack.  And no, I don’t eat all that.  That’s a lot of oreos!  Anyway, here’s what I completed to jump start this new goal!

On a treadmill, set incline 1%. Breakdown: Minutes 1-5 warmup, 5-25 sprint intervals, 25-30 cool down.

Get your sweat on!

This was challenging after a week without a grueling workout.  I was definitely breathless after the 10-paced sprints and super sweaty!

After the cardio I moseyed over to the weight section of my apartment gym complex and completed the following:

Supersets are Challenging!

I finished the workout with some stretching.  I also made a fantastic healthy dinner (that yes, I disclosed to the bf):


Scallops from Target (who knew??) and veggies.  Simple but so tasty!  I had a little greek yogurt and berries for dessert.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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