The middle is the best part!

Hello and happy Tuesday lovers!  How was everyone’s weekend?  I happened to have had a fantastic weekend in Rochester NY with the bf’s family.  I met his mother, sister, and his mom’s whole side of the family.  Not one day after we left he told me I got rave reviews!  It’s always nice to hear when I get the fams approval 🙂  Now for him to meet my mom!

So this post is a workout I wanted to share with you that totally kicked my butt!  I kind of put a bunch of things from other blogs (thanks Julie!)/Pinterest to make one fantastic schweaty workout!  Like the post title says, the best is in the middle!  I disagree when it comes to Oreos though.  I actually prefer the cookie part.  I had friends in elementary school that would scrape off the frosting from Oreos (with their teeth!) and make one giant frosting ball and eat it.  Gross.  Anyway, the best part of this cardio workout is the middle! It’s great if you dont want to do a whole lot of running but still want a great cardio blast! So without further adieu:

Best is in the Middle Cardio Blast

Beginning: Mins 1-5     Pace 4     Incline 8     —     Mins 5-10   Pace 7    Incline 2.5

Middle:  Set treadmill at 1% incline. Alternate sprinting one minute at 9.0, walking 4.0 for 10 minutes.

End: Repeat Beginning!

Finish yourself off with this Pinterest countdown workout!



Hope you enjoy it!  I sure was a sweaty mess!  Hope you have a fantastic week!

Rock on lovers 🙂

Question: Anyone else love/hate the middle of Oreos?  Anything other treat/item you like the middle of?  Like your bed?  I tend to stick to one side 🙂


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