Would you rather?

Happy Thursday lovers!  How is everyone’s week going?  I have been (thankfully) not so stressed at work and have been a lot accomplished now that a particular project is complete!

I was at the gym Monday having a fantastic workout when BAM- a dude wearing WAY too much cologne sat on the weight bench next to me and started pumpin’ iron.  I don’t mind someone trying to smell nice for the ladies, but one should NOT douse themselves in Polo/Curve/(insert crappy teenage cologne here) and hit the gym.

(Everywhere a splish splash!!  HA HA!)  Like the video explains, it’s distracting, it makes it hard to breathe, and gives me a headache!  But I have also been stuck next to the I-haven’t-showered-in-a-week-during-a-heatwave-and-just-ran-10-miles dude that just reeked of BO. This got me thinking and I have a survey-like post for you! Each is based on something I’ve experienced, saw on tv, or just came up with for this post 🙂

Would you rather:

  1. Be at the gym stuck next to above BO Dude or super-cologne Dude?  Oh man, cologne I think.  I can take a headache over being nauseated by BO.
  2. Live in a crazy expensive yet luxurious apartment in the center of town but have only one bedroom you have to share with kids–or slightly less expensive townhouse a bit farther out with more bedrooms? More bedrooms, I need my space.
  3. Have a tiny bit of high-calorie and fat-loaded ice cream or a lot of froyo? Froyo!!
  4. Do an intense cardio or weight session? Weights…right now. I always change my mind.
  5. Have a sweet or savory snack? I tend to prefer sweet anything.
  6. Be a stay at home wife/mom or work? Work.  I can’t see myself sitting at home all day every day.
  7. Have a morning or afternoon workout? I am not a morning person, so I always workout in the afternoon.
  8. Have your parents walk in on you, ahem, knockin’ boots, or you walk in on your parents? (YES you have to choose!) I would say walk in on them (assuming my dad were still alive), I like them to think I am still pure as the driven snow 🙂
  9. Be blind or deaf- later in life, so you have experienced both? Hard one, as I LOVE music. I would say deaf.  I would want to see my (future) children.
  10. Give up full nights’ sleep or chocolate for a year to have your dream body? Chocolate.  I get cranky enough on limited sleep.

Well there you have it!  Any fun ‘would you rather’ questions you have experience or come up with?

Have a fantastic evening!  Rock on lovers!!


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