Holy Heatwave and Froyo News!

Hello and happy Monday! How was everyone’s 4th of July? Mine wasn’t too shabby! Spent it with the bf and friends and staying indoors- it has been ridiculously hot in the DC area! And the weekend prior almost the entire area lost power! I ended up only spending a portion of the weekend at my moms to celebrate her birthday as her power went out in addition to mine! Thankfully my bf (who luckily was one of the few who had power) let me mooch off crash with him in his AC apartment. But we did get it back late Sunday morning so I was able to return home to finish the weekend chores and get ready with power for the workweek!

Last weekend was the hottest of this crazy heat wave the country has been experiencing and I spent it tubing in Harper’s Ferry! We had a big group of people and had a great time sweating cooling off in the river! One of my friends M made some amazing fruity hippie juice while I brought adult gummy bears (read: vodka soaked!).  Both were a huge hit! We snacked, drank, and lazed the heatwave-day away!

As I mentioned din my previous post (and if you cant already tell), I’ve been updating my blog to have a more snazzy design! I am in no way blog-creative and am somewhat technically challenged when it comes to website design, but I hope I can get this blog completed soon! So thanks for sticking around while this place is under construction.

Now onto the most exciting news to share. Based on a recommendation from M, I am creating a new series on here- froyo reviews! If you follow me on here and Twitter you know how serious this addiction is- and there’s only one way to cure it- trying every froyo place I can!  More info can be found on the Froyo Love page!

Oh, and I joined a gym again!  Feels so good to be back in there lifting weights and getting my sweat on!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  Rock on lovers 🙂


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