MIA and weekend roundups

Hello and happy Friday!  Sorry I have been MIA recently, there are a couple reasons as I mentioned I would share in my last post.  One, I have been busy at work as well as spending time with friends and family, and two, seeing someone new has taken a good chunk out of my evening free time for blogging 🙂 As much as I would love to gush about this new man in my life (there is SO much to say, too!), I want to keep this giddyness to myself for a bit 🙂  I can say this- I haven’t been this happy with a guy in years!  Anyway,  I have a lot to catch up on but don’t have much time this week either!  I am leaving to Europe TODAY and spent all my free time this past week packing, with the man, and attending a US vs Brazil soccer game!!

Awesome club level seats!

Last weekend I spent (sick) with my mom at VA beach.  Nothing too exciting went on- I napped, killed a bunch of bugs, got some sun, shopped, and vegged with my mom.  It was great!  The weekend prior I went with a few girlfriends from college to visit another that just finished getting her Masters at ECU in Greenville. I’m so proud of her! I had such a fun weekend with my loves in NC.

Love these girls

It was a relaxing/crazy/fun-filled/fro-yo-packed/giggle-infused weekend of awesome times and great memories.  There was lots of fun wedding talk for my friend C getting hitched in October, a stop at a new froyo joint everyday for my addiction, some mechanical bull riding (!!), cute cowboys, fun dancing at local bars, and evenings of giggle fits!

Its an addiction 🙂

The rest of my free time has been spent working out, hanging with my roommate, or spending time with the new man 🙂 Oh, and I have given up trying to be paleo full time.  This weekend I finally gave in and had some sweets I bought for my mom- real tiramisu from an Italian café- SOO SOO good!  deprivation sucks!  I also bought a box (gluten free though!) of cinnamon rice chex- I thought it was a good compromise for cinnamon life (which I really wanted).  Paleo be damned, carbs rule!!  Ill be doing a post soon about my experience doing paleo for about a month.  Needless to say I saw nothing crazy happen- no real weight loss, no amazing energized feeling, etc.  Yet again I feel like I need a push to help me lose these last few pounds.  Starting in June- I will be balls-to-the-wall with workouts (serious) and eating right!
So that’s all you get for today folks!  I am spending the day traveling to EUROPE with one of my best friends S!!  This trip has been a long time coming- we actually were stuck in Paris for a week during the Iceland volcano eruption a couple years ago.  Yeah yeah, spare me on the ‘Oh must’ve been sooo hard to be stuck in the city of Love.’  Well, when you already saw everything you planned to see in your original allotted time, are stressed watching the only english-speaking channel that only spoke of our doom of being stuck in Europe, and realize its a hella-expensive city to be stranded in…you’ll change your mind on how fantastic it is, too.

Not amused with Paris (2010)

Did you have a good Memorial Day weekend?  Any fun vacations coming up?
Rock on Lovers 🙂  Wish me travel luck!!

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