Foodie Pen Pals reveal!

Hello lovers!!  Sorry I have been MIA for a bit- my post tomorrow will explain a bit more, but everything in life is going swimmingly and I am just giddy with excitement!  Anyone on to the main event- my foodie pen pals reveal!!

Kandi from we aren’t scared of sugar sent me an amazing box of goodies!  Check it out:


Lucky me got to enjoy (and excuse the hangers- laundry day!):

Rice protein shake mix (interesting, I think I will have to have it more, I’m usually a whey girl 🙂 )

Artisan chocolate with salt and pepper- this was great!  So different to taste the spice with the sweet.

An apricot Kind bar- I LOVE kind bars and have yet to try this one.  Needless to say it was gone the next day!

Grawnola- I think Kandi enlisted a spy to know I LOVE granola- and this bar was super healthy and yummy!!  I am totally ordering some!

The silver tube things were Sharkies Omega-3 fruit thingys (yes, that’s the technical term!).  It was like an adult fruit roll up gummy thing but better!

And last but not least- Justins almond butter cups.  I could just die- LOVE almond butter and chocolate- these did not last long at all!

Everything in the box was SOO good!  Thank you so much Kandi for all my treats and healthy bites!  I loved them all!!

So want to get paired up with someone to send you awesome foodie goodies?  Check out Lindsay’s blog and join the fun of the foodie pen pal program!

Rock on lovers :)

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