Rambling Thoughts of a 5k-er

Last weekend I participated in a 5k to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer.  A- from the blog Whispering Crowns, recruited me and Michelle to
help her raise money for this organization.  Of course!  I love to help in any way I can!  Even though I am just getting back into running after a not-so-thrilling bout with Insanity, I still rocked the 5k (with three hours sleep AND a pulled quad, no less!) in just under 31 minutes!!

This was my first run since I did race for the cure back in June 2007. That race day was gross- it was one of the hottest days on record, SUPER muggy, and I just hated the super large crowds. Last weekend was the complete opposite- It was a beautiful day and I really really enjoyed my run!  I felt energized (thanks to a 6-hour energy and great breakfast) and ready to tackle it head on!

Pre-race (and non-sweaty)

Since I normally run on a treadmill watching some mindless tv show, this run I had only angry music and my random thoughts to keep me company.  I thought you may find it amusing the inner-workings and rambling thoughts of someone running a 5k for the first time (in 5 years):

-Alright!  Here we go!!  Lets keep a steady but fast pace and see if we can really kick butt!

-Ok people, get out of the way, its too early to be acting silly.

-Wow, what an outfit.  Cute you’re in the spirit, but no tye dye, thanks.

-Need new song already. Linkin Park FTW!

-Man its such a gorgeous morning.  Wonder if they have any good snack foods at the end…

-Ha ha, they blocked the traffic lights.  You guys will be stuck forEVER!  Muah ha ha.

-I just even laughed to myself.  Keep running, idiot.

Reaching the 1st mile:
-Hmm, haven’t seen any signs for mileage markers yet.  Maybe they don’t have them.  Its has to have been a mile already.

-Ok, this part is uphill so lets go ahead and walk a bit, have to save our energy for the last 2+ miles.

-Crap, there’s the mile 1 marker.  I could’ve made that.  Damnit.  You slacker….no no, It’s ok, it’s ok, you needed that break. Still recovering from your quad pull…you’re doing great!  Now find a good song, take a deep breath, and…..GO!

Nearing Mile 2:
-Man, there are a lot of flipping hills on this course.  Who the heck chose this route? No worries, I will walk the up and run on the down.  And run faster than normal on the straightaways.

-Ok, that little kid is going faster than me. You can beat him.  Well, running anyway, geez don’t want to actually beat him up.

-Now I’m really sweating.  Should’ve worn an headband.

-Oh wait, I have a wrist-sweat band.  Duh.  Use that.

-Stupid little kid, stay behind me.

-Ha ha, still stuck at the traffic light– suckers!  Watch me lazily walk past you while you’re stuck.

-Hmm, wonder what shirt I should wear for the concert later.  Something white in case it’s hot and I get sweaty.  Which you still are, right through this shirt.  Should’ve chosen the black sports bra instead of the pink one…in a white shirt.

-Random energy surge- go go go!!  Yeah, you GOT THIS!  I CAN RUN THE WHOLE THING!  Watch out!!  Wooooo!!!



Halfway through mile 3:
-Seriously, these hills suck.  And nats, where did you come from?  I don’t see any ponds anywhere.  Bleh, I think I swallowed one.  Good protein though.  Wait, why are you thinking about getting your protein from a bug??  Gross.

-Must choose new song. Need something to keep me pepped.  Starting to flounder.  Ha ha, I don’t like flounder…I do like sushi.  Mmm sushi.

-Woo Papa Roach- Last resort…whaaat. Love this song. We can totally go faster now.

-Yeah we are rockin’.  Boom.  Take that women-whos-been-pacing-me.  And your stupid glitzy headband.  It’s kind of cute…Im Jealous.  Nah, I
don’t need a fancy headband.  Stupid headband, its ugly.

-Oh yeah that breeze is nice, keep ’em coming.

Nearing the end:
-Man, this wasn’t too bad.  I could do this again!

-Well, only if the conditions were right.  It was good weather today.

-Ok, maybe we should wait until we are fully healed before considering another run.

-Oh wait, the color run in September!  Yeah I can do that.

-Stupid kid, why are you passing me again??

Coming to finish line:
-YES!  I can do this!  Pass that woman, go go go!

-Ok wait, need a good finish song.  Where are my Britney songs…

-Alright, Britney song on and now go go go!!

Crossing finish line:
-Boom!  Take that three hours sleep!!  Boom!

This is not me…


-Whew, ok, time for water.  Wheres the water…

-Water found.  Oooo and bananas!!  I could use one of those…

-Hey, you have a cookie!  I want a cookie!  Screw paleo, I earned a damn cookie!  I just ran a 5k on 3 hours sleep bitches!!

-That wasn’t too bad.  I did way better than I thought I would!  Yay go me!!

–Ok, now I wonder if I can get a nap in before the concert….doubtful.

And that was pretty much my entire stream of thought during the race!  I know, I’m a bit crazy 🙂

That’s me- the short one in the shadows! Go team!


So there you have it!  What do you think about when you’re running?  Or exercising in general?  Run a 5k or charity race recently?  Ever heard of the color run??

Rock on lovers 🙂 I am headed to NC this weekend on a roadtrip with a couple of my girlfriends!  Woo!


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