Love and Loathe, Toss and Try

Hello and happy almost-weekend Lovers!  I have been crazy busy (as always it seems!) and super stressed. I have been attempting but procrastinating studying hard for a test I have to take Saturday for a job I applied to- and will hopefully get!  I am really nervous- even though I started a new position a couple months ago, this one is even closer to what I really want to do with my background in Forensic Psychology.  But enough about stress!  I wanted to mention my awesome weekend prior to last weekend where I was lucky to spend a couple days at my best gf’s moms house in the country near WV!  It was very peaceful and tranquil, her house welcoming and warm, and I had such an enjoyable time.  Even though it was chilly and rained, I still enjoyed communing with nature and getting away from the city for a bit.  They were such gracious and kind hosts I cant wait to visit again!  Hopefully this time it’ll be a bit warmer and rain-less!

Since my last couple of posts were a bit lengthy, I thought I would make this one a simple ‘What I hate/what I love post’.  So here ya go!  Some things I’ve been loving, loathing, trying and tossing.  Maybe I’ll make this a regular post?!


  • Veggies.  Been craving broccoli and carrots recently.  No idea why but I’m sure my body loves it!
  • Farmers Market- there is one right next to my work every Thursday.  They have great apples and my favorite apple butter, plus a gelato stand!
  • Weather
  • New workout challenges
  • Smores



  • Injury- pulled quad.  If you follow me on twitter (@Shortqtpie) You know I pulled my quad muscle really bad playing soccer a couple weeks ago.  I have never pulled a muscle this bad- I literally hobbled off the field in tears.  Thankfully it is almost all better today!
  • Forced exercise regime (see above- no insanity, walking only)
  • Studying- It just gets harder the older I get to discipline myself to study.


  • Paleo diet- since when do I not try something new?  I LOVE my oatmeal and miss it so.  But so far so good!  The hardest has been giving up dairy- slowly but surely.
  • Coconut flour- its an approved flour on the paleo diet, and I have been making coconut flour everything- cookies, pancakes, you name it.


  • Fish parenting.  I’m sad to report that Sultan Carlos Finnegan did not survive the weekend I was in WV.  Sad Face 😦


What are you loving/loathing, tossing/trying recently?

Wish me luck this weekend!  I will definitely need it!!

Rock on lovers 🙂



2 thoughts on “Love and Loathe, Toss and Try

  1. sorry to hear about your quad!! I pulled my hamstring in my game monday night, but its only a small pull so I was able to run yesterday. It tightened up like CRAZY after though and Ive been stretching nonstop!! I hate pulled muscles….

    • Pulled muscles suck! Keep on stretching, that definitely helps with the tightness!! PS- I have made your cookie niblets twice already- I cant stop eating them! I crumble a couple and add almond milk for dessert. SO yummy!

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