Week of Awesome

Hello and Happy Tuesday lovers!!  How was everyone’s weekend??  I hope you had amazing weather like we did in DC last weekend!!

I dont want to apologize for being a bit absent because life has been filled with some amazing things recently!!  Amazing things that have clogged my social calendar and left me craving me time 🙂  But I love it!

My awesome week was pretty normal.  I worked, I came home, worked out, enjoyed the nice weather, and had froyo like always at my fav spot in DC.  Seriously, I have had my fair share of froyo the past couple years and this place just tops them all!

I also played in my first soccer game since high school!  I was SOO worried I wouldn’t do well since I literally hadn’t played in almost 10 years (hello I am getting old!).  But my soccer buddy K assuaged my fears and we actually ended up winning the game!  And I got a killer workout playing halfback- a very run-heavy position- as I was  the only girl for most of the game!  As its a coed team rules state we have to have three girls on the field the whole time- fortunately our 2 other girls came at halftime, but no subs!  Needless to say I was spent after an hour game!  Afterwards K and I got celebratory froyo 🙂



I had so much fun even though my skills definitely need some polishing.  But thankfully K was sweet and didn’t say how poorly I really did 🙂 It was an awesome first game!!

So on to the weekend wheremore awesomeness happened.

Friday night I had a long-overdue movie night with one of my best friends S.  She is one of the most kind, selfless, patient and understanding friends I have and I seriously don’t know where I would be without her.  I am so grateful to have her in my life!  And I am lucky to work in the same building with her, so if I have a crisis (if=when) I can always run to her desk and she saves the day 🙂  We had a hard time deciding what movie to watch so we settled on an old Disney movie- Oliver and Company!

So cute!

Who remembers this adorable movie?  I swear Disney movies are even better now that I am older!!

Saturday began with an early 8am wake up call and glorious breakfast.

Heaven in a bowl!

This was an awesome bowl of egg white oats topped with a big blob of crunchy almond butter and granola.  So SO good!  I never want my oatmeal bowls to end!!

After breakfast I headed into DC for a day of volunteer service I signed up for and found out through a Twitter Friend R (cant thank you enough for the invite!!).  A slew of volunteers, military and civilians from local universities and around town got together for the inaugural Veteran’s Service Initiative hosted by George Washington University.  From the VSI Blog:

The VSI connects students of the military community with opportunities to serve in their communities, regardless of their university affiliation.  The VSI provides resources that can connect individuals with the service they want to provide to their community and with organizations that satisfy their personal or professional goals and interests. The program also provides consulting for large scale projects and initiatives for individuals and large veteran groups, as well as promotes social entrepreneurship through service grants that are available for student veterans.

As many of you know I am a HUGE supporter of our military and vets, so I was more than thrilled to join in the volunteering!  I along with several other vets and civilians spent the beautiful Saturday cleaning up a neighborhood creek.  After the event I chatted with several fellow volunteers at the reception (which had some awesome pita chips and hummus action!) and instantly made connections with these amazing people!  Vets that have served our country and continue to serve by volunteering their time to help others in need is so inspiring.  It was such an amazing experience meeting these people and an honor to have spent the day helping out the DC community with them!  I officially sent in my application to Team Rubicon and cannot wait to help out even more!!

Our awesome volunteers! (I'm on the far left)

Check out Team Rubicon’s mission and pass the word on to any vets you may know that are looking to get involved!!

The weekend of awesome was topped off by a linner (lunch/dinner for those that don’t know that term), with a bunch of my college friends visiting from all over- and one, R, with her new baby I finally got to meet!!  It’s crazy to see my friends getting hitched and having the offspring…

Yes, offspring.

But I love it and I loved spending time doing these awesome things this weekend!  This week is another crazy one- soccer games, happy hours, and a weekend with S’s parents in the country so I can commune with nature!  I cant wait!!

Have a fabulous week!!  Rock on Lovers 🙂

Question: What awesome thing(s) have you done recently?


8 thoughts on “Week of Awesome

  1. FroZenYo is awesome! What’s your favorite aaaand… how do YOU pronounce it? I stress the ‘Zen’ but I know people who put the stress on ‘Yo’ and my dad just calls it FroYo lol.

  2. Awww you are very sweet! It’s a two-way street for our friendship and you have given me so much confidence in myself that no one else has ever been able to. And I fear I would already be in the nunnery if you weren’t there to cheer me on with stupid boys 😉 love ya!

  3. I love both FroZenYo and Oliver and Company. Those two alone would combine to make a fantastic weekend. 🙂

    Also, that volunteer event sounds great!

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  5. Hi there, I come to you pbfingers! Any story about volunteering I jump on “like whit on rice” as we say here in Louisiana. I saw that you were a Zeta. Immediately text my daughter. She is also a Zeta!

    Decide to check out your blog! You are in DC area! So is my daughter!

    Connecting the dot’s of life via social media!

    Life is good!

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