What I’m Loving Wednesday..well, the Last Few Days!

Hello lovers and Happy Hump Day!!  I hope wherever you are the weather is just as awesome as it is here in the Nation’s Capital!  I decided to do a post on things I am loving recently… and not so intently focused on food or fitness…well, maybe only a little 🙂

First off, one of my new favorite shows, New Girl, which I originally wasn’t that interested in.   But after a couple episodes, I wish it was an hour long episode!  Jess is so quirky and fun, and her roommates are so awesome!  I wish my roommate was as cool as those boys!!  (JK, S, you know you are WAY better than the boys…but I bet you wish you had them, too!)

Next is PB2!  What is PB2 you ask??  Only the most awesomest and yummiest Peanut Butter sub ever!  It’s a lighter version of peanut butter, kind of similar to peanut flour.  You simply add water to a tablespoon or two of the PB2 powder and BOOM instant reduced-calorie and still delish peanut butter!!  Yowza.

Not my photo...but I do currently have 3 things of this stuff in my possession...

On to the apple butter.  I’ve been adding this to my oatmeal every morning.  Except the last few mornings when I ran out because I was a piggly wiggly and consumed almost the entire jar in a week.  BUT its just the apple butter- no added sugar.  So its totally good for me.  Oh, got this from Whole Paycheck Foods.

See- empty jar.

I am loving my insanity workouts.  I suppose that’s easy to say today- it was ‘cardio recovery’ day, so there wasnt the normal pool of sweat at mt feet, soaking wet sweat towel and drenched workout shirt on me today.  But the workout consisted of intense core and leg muscle conditioning and boy were my legs shakin like bacon!!

I am currently 2.65 weeks into this workout and I have already started to see a little bit of the above results.  I know if I were to really reign in my diet (abs are made in the kitchen, right??) I would see results more quickly…Damn you Reese’s Peanut Butter cups!!  And as I write this now I feel guilty…and I will try harder to stick with a healthy and clean diet so I can tone up!

My job. I am loving my new job!  It’s going well so far.  Everyone is very friendly, I am learning the lingo and new terminology as quickly as I can, and picking up on my tasks and responsibilities, too.  I have even produced a few products my supervisor liked!  Best part?  NO PHONE CALLS/EMAILS.  My last position was very customer service oriented.  I was the only program manager for a while (until about 6 months before my new position where I got a partner), so I was the SME (subject matter expert)…and the only one for the entire company.  My phone and inbox would blow up every day.  In my new job, I only get a few emails from my unit/section, and the phone calls are people looking for me…but don’t know I have a new job and got routed to me in error.  In short, I love not being in a customer service roll anymore!!

Last on this list of what I am loving recently is a DC staple in the Spring.  They’re iconic, they’re beautiful, and they only last a couple weeks every year, and I have been lucky enough to see it…uhh, well, once officially…but I work so close and see them so often on tv its like I see them every year.  What are they?  The Cherry Blossoms (capitalized, duh), of course!!!


So beautiful!

Sometimes I forget where I work until I see a monument or get asked by a tourist where something is.  But I am truly blessed to live and work in the capital city of the free world!  I hope everyone has a chance to come visit me here. 🙂

That’s about it for today lovers! Rock on 🙂

What are you loving recently?  Have you been to DC before?



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