Survey Fun!!

Hello lovers!  Happy almost Wednesday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine was awesome- I got to visit my girlfriend E in WV and it was a pretty tame weekend!  Ate some interesting food from Kenyan Cafe, walked along the river in the gorgeous weather, and of course had quality time with my loves 🙂

So while I have a bunch of post ideas I’ve been wanting to do, today I decided to jump on board Janetha’s survey train!  Check it out and get to know a little more about Tiny n Fit aka Krista 🙂  Copy and re-paste on your blog to join the fun!

A is for age: I am 26 and 1/2 !!  Crazy I will be 27 soon!!

B is for breakfast today: Egg white oatmeal with apple butter and cinnamon

C is for currently craving: Everything and anything crunchy, peanut butter and/or almond butter

D is for dinner tonight: Something simple- probably an egg protein muffin/cake thingy, hopefully with melty almond butter on top

E is for favorite type of exercise: Any exercise that pushes me further than I think I can handle- currently doing Insanity

F is for an irrational fear: Bees

G is for gross food: Tuna from a can

H is for hometown: Northern VA

I is for something important: Finding joy in the little things.  I try to do this every day.  Its been a rough couple a years since my dads passing, but recently I’ve been happier, and I think finding joy everyday has helped.

J is for current favorite jam: I’m usually a hard rock and roller…but recently have been digging country music- my current fav song is Good Girl by Carrie Underwood

K is for kids: Don’t have any, maybe want one in the future.  My niece and nephew (10 and 11) are kids enough for me!

L is for current location: Washington DC metro area

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Bought a Kind bar from work cafeteria. Got the munchies all day today!

N is for something you need: More money to pay for upcoming vacations!  And maybe a boyfriend…only kidding!  thats just a want.  I need to learn patience.

O is for occupation: I am a management and program analyst for the federal government

P is for pet peeve: Mouth noises.  Ask any of my friends- if I hear them chew loudly, gulp, smack, or make any audible mouth noise I cringe.  I literally feel it in my belly button and will stare at the offender until they stop- I simply cannot stand mouth noises.  They all now try to avoid offending around me. PS- I actually read this is a legit disorder! From the Journal of the Royal Science of Medicine…booyah….So I’m not that crazy!)

Q is for a quote: Follow your heart and nothing else- Lynyrd Skynyrd

R is for random fact about you: I sleep with two comforters year round.  Hot or cold, doesn’t matter.  I love the weight of the blankets, not just the warmth

S is for favorite healthy snack: Apple and almond butter or PB2

T is for favorite treat: Reese’s in any shape, pistachio gelato

U is for something that makes you unique: I have been a certified NAUI scuba diver since I was 13!

V is for favorite vegetable: Peas, corn, or sweet potatoes (if that counts as a veggie- its a yam thing)

W is for today’s workout: Insanity- plyo cardio circuit.  It was, well, insane!!

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Last x-ray was a couple weeks ago for my left index finger… I don’t know how I injured it and it was not broken, just flexor tendinitis for which I was prescribed steroids to alleviate the inflammation and pain

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Catching up on laundry from the weekend…ok something exciting?  A long walk outside with a great cup of coffee with my coworkers

Z is for your time zone: Eastern Standard Time- East coast what!!

Go ahead and copy the template from Meals and Moves and have fun!

Rock on Lovers!!


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