Gorgeous DC and Protein Slushy

Hello and happy almost weekend lovers!!  Today was yet again another crazy day at work trying to learn all the new terminology and information.  I love that it’s completely different than what I was doing before and more focused on where I want to be- more operational focused where I used to be in human resources.  I also met a whole bunch of new people I will be working with on a weekly basis, but all in all another pretty good, albeit busy, day!  The best part?  I got to go on a nice long walk in the glorious weather we’ve been having in the DC area the past couple of days…and the company wasn’t too shabby either!  I’ve been really starting to gain a rapport with my new associates and I’m so glad that they all (at least seem to) like me!

Today’s workout was day four of Insanity- pure cardio.  This should also be known as pure sweat-like-you’re-wearing-a-parka-in-a-desert-during-a-nassive-heat-wave.  Yet again I surprised myself and rocked out some moves longer than some people in the dvd!  I did do it a bit modified (maybe my knees weren’t as high as theirs when doing high knees, but I still did the movements to the best of my ability and kicked butt!  I love the feeling of getting super sweaty and that feeling of pure accomplishment after a great workout.  I totally deserved the shower!

So I have a brand new recipe I created myself!!  Most of the recipes have been adapted from or based off another blog/magazine recipe I have seen.  But this one is all me!!  Well, the foundation is from a bunch of different ideas, but still…all me!

I give you…Fluffy Protein Banana Slushy!


2 T low sodium (or no salt added) 1% cottage cheese

½ frozen banana

½ C ice

½ tsp powder stevia (or any sweetener you prefer)

½ tsp xanthan gum (makes it fluffy!)



Add all ingredients to a blender. Blend blend blend.  Pour into your favorite dish.  Devour!!

So fluffy!

I am off this weekend to Wild and Wonderful WV to visit my friend E!!  She’s being going to school out there for her PhD and this will finally be my first time seeing her out there!!  I cannot wait!!  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Rock on lovers 🙂



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