Am I Insane?

Hello lovers and Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  I woke up around 10am Saturday and had a glorious bowl of egg white oatmeal before watching a few hours of tv and napping until 3pm!!

Egg white oatmeal with a dollop of unsweetened apple butter and sprinkle of Natures Path Pumpkin Flax granola. Ah. Maze. Ing.

Later I treated my mom and I to manis and pedis to prepare for my first day on the new job.  I also caught up later that with my best guy friend from high school who was on leave from the Army.  I hadn’t seen him in over 5 years!  He wasn’t in a good place when I saw him last, but this time he was doing so well- he looked great and I could tell he has really turned his life around and I cant wait to see what he does with it!  I rounded out my weekend with some chores and a little insanity.

But Krista, that’s normal for you..a little insanity…

You misunderstand.  I got the Insanity workout DVDs.

I know, seems I always change up my workouts.  But that’s how you keep from getting bored, right?  I wanted a change.  While I can do written fitness routines (plyo, tabatas, HIIT, etc), I always do my best when I follow someone yelling at me what to do.  I also wanted a big fitness change, so I thought why not?  I got them half price from someone on Craigslist (she apparently had a stroke/heart attack recently hence why she couldn’t use them).  Fortunately they are the correct DVDs (unopened even!) and not some shady bootleg copy.  Yesterday I did the fit test- whew, I was worried for today’s first actual workout after that!  But once I completed it, I was so proud.  I actually did more of it than I thought I would be able to.  I was actually a bit terrified to do day one.  Watching the commercials, seeing everyone in the video lying on the ground gasping for air.  Which I wasn’t at the end.  Don’t get me wrong, I was SHWEATAAAY.  And I was wiped.  But it was a GREAT sweat session and I cannot wait for tomorrow!  And I really really want to do the whole 60 day thing to the best of my ability (I may miss a day or two because of work, vacations, etc).  But I cant wait!

To continue the Insanity of this Monday, not only did I decide to start a new fitness routine but I also started my first day in my new division/unit!  I was pretty nervous and probably just as terrified as I was with insanity, but I knew I was going into a unit with good people and my friends were close by.  I also had their confidence and support so I went into my first day with my head held high.  I spent most of the day reading information being thrown at me, attempting to understand all the new people I met, the projects we work on, and the hardest part- all the new acronyms (we love those in the government).  Its like learning a whole new language!  Needless to say a few full sheets of paper filled with notes, a couple index cards with the acronym definitions, and several email folders later I think I have the teeniest tiniest itty bitty grasp of what I will be working on.  I even sent out my first ‘product’ for higher management to review!  Well, I sat with my ‘supervisor’ and we completed it together, but I sent it… He is also working a big portion of what I will be doing while I work on learning the whole duties of my position.  With so much to do and learn the day really flew by. And the best part?  My phone didn’t ring once!  At my old position I was in a very ‘customer’ oriented position.  I was the main POC for the program and had to answer all the policy/technical/etc questions ALL day by email and phone.  Though my current position has a big email volume, it is all to do with our unit and their products/projects.   I’ve met and made friends with my ‘supervisor’ and a couple people in the unit, and had a chance to visit my old unit, too!  All in all, it was a pretty productive, exciting, and info-filled day!  Thanks again to all my family and friends for all their support and assuaging my fears!!

Lastly, I got my first email and my first match for Foodie Pen Pals sponsored by the lovely Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean.  An overview of the program is here, but basically you get paired with another blogger or reader and you ship a box of goodies and get one as well!  If you’re a blogger you’ll write a post about what you received.  I am SO excited!  I’ve been reading her blog for months and decided to join the fun!  I love finding out about new products and meeting new bloggers/readers.  I am so excited!!

Well lovers, I am wiped.  It was a mentally (work) and physically (workout) exhausting day and I am SO looking forward to a full night of restful sleep.  On tap for tomorrow- more craziness!  Hopefully I will retain the info I learned today.  And I hope I’m not sore tomorrow.  I need to be in top shape to (finally!) book a cruise to the Mediterranean with one of my best girlfriends!  There is a funny Iceland volcano story I will have to share at a later date.  For now, I leave you with this caahhraaazaaaay photo revelation…

Woah. Kind of makes you feel old, huh?

Rock on lovers!


Question:  Have you tried insanity?  Do you ever feel the need for a big change- work, workouts, etc?


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