Prescribed enhancements…

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone!  I have been feeling SUPER amazing the past few days. Aside from a great weekend spent with my momma, sister and nephew, plus yesterday off (thanks, Feds!), I have felt so so great. I mean waking up with energy, feeling spunky at work, and great workouts, too!  What, pray tell, could be the catalyst to this recent amazing status?

Steroids.  Plain and simple.

Don’t freak out!  They are prescribed.

The quick and dirty behind the steroid usage.  Sometime last week I injured my left index finger (weird, I’m right handed?!) and it was extremely painful.  I am not a wimp for pain; in fact, for the record, I have had three cavities in the past filled without Novocain.

Yeah, I’m hardcore.

Needless to say when I am in pain, its serious.  After a few days of excruciating pain and the inability to bend or extend my finger all the way I caved and went to my orthopedist.  After a couple x-rays, the diagnosis was flexor tendinitis.  Basically the tendon in my finger was super pissed off and inflamed.  My physician then prescribed a prednisone steroid pack, similar to an antibiotic z-pack, and said if I was healed at the end to come back.  After 2 days on this stuff not only was my finger SO much better, I felt AMAZING.  No wonder people get addicted to this stuff!  Now I recognize the steroids meatheads use are probably no where near the dosage I took, but I’ll take that amazing feeling, even though it was short-lived.

Before you go yelling that steroid usage is bad, I’m a bad person for even writing this, simmer down.  I would never advocate for using any artificial means to enhance the body, least of all steroids.  On the contrary, I feel it is best to remain natural and clean to allow your body to function like the amazing machine it is.  I am a bit ashamed for not sucking it up and mustering through the pain.  But I also think that when your body is telling you something (pain, rest, etc), that you should never ignore it.  I’ve mentioned before how important it is to listen to your body.  In this case, I did have tendinitis, and I treated it with the help of my physician.  Be kind to your body!

Moving on from my soapbox, I have a new recipe for you!!  I’ve seen this on several blogs, and it’s not a miraculously new concept, but I love it J

I give you…drum roll please…Smoothie in a bowl!  Astounding I know.

Makes: 1 amazing serving for your tummy!


1 serving of simple-flavored (vanilla, plain) protein powder/smoothie mix

Handful of ice

Scant 1/8th tsp of xanthum gum (makes it super thick!)

Anything else you want to add!  Cocoa powder, PB2 (been craving a lot of peanut butter flavored things recently, so I’ve been adding this), frozen berries, nut butters, you name it!  Go crazy!


Add all ingredients to a mixer, blend blend blend, add to bowl.  Enjoy with a spoon!  I added some brown rice cereal on top for some added crunch (I love anything crunchy!).  It was soooo good!  This is a great post-workout snack or meal.


My workouts have been crazy the past few days (thanks again, Rx steroids!).  Sunday I ran 4 miles and did 30 minutes of strength training, and Monday I ran 3.5 miles and did some yoga stretching.  Today was just a couple workout videos to give my body a break from the crazy cardio sessions.

Well I’m off to enjoy some New Girl on tv tonight- a perk to getting your workout done early!  Here’s some inspiration from Pinterest to get you through the week (should you be lacking the ‘roids :p)








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