Monday Funday!!….oops

Monday Funday!…So this was supposed to be posted yesterday…but I was interrupted, so lets pretend it was anyway 🙂

How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was pretty…lame!  But lame in a good way.  I spent most of the weekend relaxing and having ‘me’ time.  Friday night I was a wild woman.  I worked out and did my taxes!!  Woo call the police to tame the beast!!  Saturday I did some chores, went to a work hockey game (we lost 😦 ) and spent the night working out and watched tv.  Sunday I slept in, had breakfast, went back to sleep…then did laundry.  I know, what a CRAZY weekend!  I bet you can hardly contain yourself reading this excitement!

Honestly after the last week’s anxiety over the new job I needed a weekend to myself.  I also seemed to have over-stressed my body working out too much (sore knees, over all feeling of being burnt out) so the workout today was much less intense.

30 minutes on the treadmill- mostly walking at a 4 on an incline, though I threw in a couple minutes of running at a 6

20 minutes of a Gilad workout

I think this week I will be a little less intense.  I think its extremely important to listen to your body.  If you are feeling exhausted from your workouts, not really into them, dreading the workouts, etc, maybe its time to take a break.  If you still feel the ‘need’ to move your body, do something simple/active rest.  Go for a walk outside, reconnect with nature.  Try a new workout video or cable tv workout (check to see if you have any free workouts ‘on demand’).  Or just do a modified workout- walk on the treadmill instead of run.  Try new weight machines.  Try a new class.  Try anything new to get out of your rut!  But most importantly- do listen to your body if it needs rest.  You will not melt or wither away by resting for a day or two, I promise!  Your body will thank you for it, and I bet you’ll be more energized when you do return to the gym or class!

Oh, I also made some whoopie pies for my coworkers birthday!!


Rock on Lovers!  Happy (day before…oops) Valentines Day!

Question: Do you listen to your body and take breaks when necessary?  Have you ever pushed yourself when you know you should rest?


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