Granola Review!!

Hello and Happy Hump Day!  Hope you guys are enjoying this crazy warm weather like we are having in DC!  It was so nice today my coworkers and I were able to go for a nice walk around downtown.  While I am a big fan of winter weather – well, I love snow and snow days!- I do enjoy this warm weather, too, even if its odd for the 1st of February!

So I am sure if you stick around for my blog adventures (and I really hope you do!) you will soon find out my love affair with granola.  I love all kinds- chewy, crunchy, nutty, sweet…I’ll pretty much take it in any form any time of day.  Added to some oat bran for texture for breakfast, a little added crunch to cottage cheese, a little snack with some almond milk, or even right out of the bag.  I was pretty addicted to the granola they had at my office’s cafeteria (weird, huh?  I swear it had THE BEST crunch!), but recently they switched it out for a funky kind that I definitely do not prefer.  Though if its a dire granola-fix I need it’ll do until I can get the real good stuff.

Recently I got one of those healthy snack box subscriptions from Lollihop (a Christmas present from my super awesome mom- she knows me so well!) and hands down the best part of this box was the grain-free granola from Paleonola.

SO SO good!

It is unlike any granola I have tasted.  I love any granola flavor and particularly adore ones that are fall-flavored, like apple pie or pumpkin spices.  But the sample I received was the chocolate one!

Did I mention I love chocolate?

Not as much as granola, at least not with this stocked in the house.  Literally a couple days after I hoovered my sample I got their huge sampler pack.  I felt like a kid in a candy store when it arrived!  I’ve had this on my yogurt, alone with milk, and by itself…and shamefully stood in my kitchen, work badge and commuting sneakers still on trying every flavor right out of the USPS box!  I cant tell you how amazing the nuttiness and depth of flavor each of the granola flavors have.  Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Fix are my favorites.  The best part?  Its grain-free and part of the Paleo diet!  So those attempting to reduce or remove grains from their diet and follow Paleo living, this stuff is for you!  And they shipped super quick so no one got hurt while I waited for it to arrive 🙂  I don’t personally follow the Paleo diet, but I love learning about all the new things people try, especially if it may be beneficial and part of a healthy lifestyle.  I would definitely recommend you try their amazing granola!!

Rock on Lovers!!

*These views are my own.  I was not paid, endorsed, bribed, coerced, blackmailed…you get the picture…to review this product.  I honestly love it and recommend it to anyone looking to try a new and totally amazingly yummy granola!!


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