Switchin it up

Hello lovers!  Hope you had a great Wednesday!!

So this is take-two of this post.  I drafted this kick ass post yesterday about starting a new workout regimine…and just as I saved the draft and clicked to preview, WordPress promptly deleted the post! Needless to say after about 45 minutes of writing, editing and posting photos on the post, after an already exhausting day of workouts and the 9-5, I didn’t attempt to re-write last night (plus I hated WordPress, so it was best to just go to bed!) I will attempt to be as witty as that one was!

Ever since about Junior year in college (oh my, that was over 7 years ago!!) I have been a stead-fast gym rat.  What began with the treadmill in my basement transitioned to hitting the gym near my home after class, and then at my first post-college jobs’ in-house gym.  Once I moved closer to DC for my current government job, I joined the conveniently-across-from-my-apartment gym and would go right after work and do an hour/hour and half cardio/weight routine just about every day.  I loved the consistency, I loved the stress relief the constant sweat sessions brought, and I loved trying new things from all the blogs I read.  While I did keep things fresh with intervals on different cardio machines and different weight machines/free weights, after 2 years of the same damp (albeit large and nice) gym, same smelly people and same machines, I was fed up.  So I decided, after much thought, to cancel my gym membership.


I know, years of gym-attendance and then nothing! I actually took a couple week break from working out entirely- I just needed a break.  I felt great after my break- refreshed and ready to try something complete different- home workouts! I actually did a lot of research on how I could stay fit- in my apartment as well as with my complexes minimally-fitted gym.  I purchased a bunch of Jillian Michaels’ DVDs- and loved them right off the bat!  Unlike my roommate, I love the boot camp style workouts that push me to my limit.  I love seeing just how far I can push my body- and am always surprised what it can do when I put my mind to it! I also started incorporating plyometrics and bodyweight-type exercises to ensure I wouldn’t plateau or get bored. But after doing those for a few months, I needed yet another change (though I still love plyo)…so back to the drawing board I went. I also decided since it’s a new year that I really wanted to push my body and get real results- maybe do some kind of challenge to get my body like this:

I sweat Britney

I contemplated buying Insanity, P90X, more workout DVDs… then I found this website.

Bodyrock combines my desire to stay at home and workout and my love for plyometrics with tabata-style workouts (I’ll do a post on these later, but in brief- it’s a timed interval workout doing plyometrics).  I fell in love!  The best part?  It’s free!!  They post videos of the workout, then demonstrate the moves and do modifications if you’re a beginner or don’t have the specific equipment.  Plus, the instructors are super encouraging and inspiring, I just love it!  I just finished day two and man was I a sweaty beast!!  I actually did day two, plus the added ‘Sean’ workout (x2.5), PLUS day one to get really sweataaaay!  I am stoked and will be doing this 30-day challenge (a couple weeks late- I just found out about it!) and hope to have some fabulous results!!

Rock on lovers!

Question: have you ever been sick of your workouts? (who hasn’t??) What did you do to break out of your rut?  <— going to start incorporating questions in posts to generate class participation!!


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