Hello world!

Yes, it is me again.  I will be making yet another attempt at a blog.  Ive tried multiple times, ending up not knowing any specific direction for what or where I wanted my blog to go.  I think with a firmer grasp on life I can say I still have no idea what I want in this blog…BUT I do know what I do want to include, which is what most people write about- their passions! The thing is…I don’t have a passion.  I mean, I cant ever seem to figure out what my passion is- I don’t have a love of photography, I don’t have any crafty talent, and I don’t have pets or children to gush about.  However, in my search of my passion I asked my family and friends and they all seem to come up with the same answer: fitness and healthy food!  And I never really thought about it as I see it as a lifestyle.  I don’t diet- I like salads, I like egg white omlettes, and I like eating oatmeal for breakfast everyday. Scratch that- I LOVE having oatmeal everyday!  So with the air of a new year and a fresh start, I will attempt to do this blog and do it right!  I had attempted before to make my blog a tutorial or how-to with tips and tricks…I’ll still include those, but I felt pressured before.  This time around I want this blog to reflect me- a mid-20’s girl working for Big Brother (govie day-job), living life as much as I am able, staying fit and healthy-ish (hey, I love chocolate and lazy days as much as the next person!), and cramming every precious free moment with my friends and family…or sleeping in 🙂  I hope you enjoy following my on my journey to stay healthy and enjoy life!

Pondering the meaning of life...and where to go for dinner 🙂


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